Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I did not do much grocery shopping this week.  I picked up some fresh produce for salads and a package of hot Italian sausage that was marked down.

I did some "un-shopping" by returning a few items I decided I really didn't need or had found less expensive options somewhere else.  I was able to put almost $150 back into my checking account.

I went to the dollar store and spent $10 on toiletries we needed.  I bought two bottles of deodorant, two bars of bath soap, a bag of cotton balls, nail polish remover, a bottle of clear nail polish, a toothbrush, large tube of toothpaste and a 50ct. package of dental flossers.  Really exciting stuff!

The girls and I went out to dinner Friday night and used up two of the free meal vouchers they earned through the library's summer reading program.  We all had the salad bar at Sizzler.  Because we all drank water and the girl's meals were covered I only had to pay for my meal.  Our total was $10 plus we tipped out server.

My oldest used some of her allowance money to purchase notebook paper she found on sale at Walgreens.  She said it was her contribution to her back to school supplies this year.

While I was at work one day this week the girls took an inventory of all the school supplies we have and determined they really won't need much to get started with this year. That was a happy surprise.  My oldest will need a new back pack and a few clothing items for school.  I am hoping to find most of their clothing at thrift stores this year.

I watched a couple shows on Amazon this week and I listened to music on YouTube this week.

Saturday night I introduced my girls to a live KISS concert I streamed online for free.  It was a lot of fun to watch.  They still put on a really great show. 

How was your thrifty week last week?


  1. I started doing online surveys a month ago and picked back up with Swagbucks. In a month I have earned about $68! Not much but every dollar helps!!

    1. I think that is great! I haven't done Swagbucks before. I need to check into that.


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