Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Concerts!

Near Boise lies a growing suburb called Meridian.  When I first moved to Boise in the mid seventies Boise and Meridian were separated by farms and cow pastures.  Now the two towns touch each other and those farms are long gone.

A couple of years ago ground broke on a new shopping and entertainment center in Meridian, which in my opinion, given the population that now resides there was sorely needed.  The Village at Meridian is now open and residents are able to take advantage of shopping, bowling, movies as well as multiple eating establishments.  There is also a fantastic park next door.  My kids love that park.  It has a water feature that you can play in as well as great trails for walking or riding your bike.  Play and picnic area for birthdays or BBQs.  It's great.

I was invited to be a part of the VIP Media group to take a tour of the new office space that is ready for leasing as part of The Village.  Personally, I would find it really hard to concentrate on my work because I would be looking out the windows at all the wonderful views while planning where I was going to eat and or shop during my lunch hour.  The buildings are gorgeous and the public spaces feel opulent.  They even showed us the bathrooms with all the marble tile.  There is also a ton of parking out there which is well concealed so as not to detract from the quaint ambiance they have created.

After our tour we sat and enjoyed drinks and food from all of the various restaurants and pubs they have there and listened to local bands play.  I noticed they have a large grassy area near the stage for people to bring their lawn chairs and what have you.  The place was bustling but not too busy or crowded.  Lots of friendly locals to chat with and I even gave a security guard a little bit of a hard time.  He took it very good naturedly.

We stopped in and checked out the Yardhouse.
They are doing the concerts every Friday night throughout the summer.  Different bands each time.  And supposedly they are working to nail Toby Keith down on a date to come and perform.  I'm not a country music person, but I'd go see that.

Our tour guide Hugh.
We had a blast and plan to go back soon.  I have to check out Chicos.  J

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