Monday, July 7, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I used up some spinach that was just beginning to wilt by adding it to a batch of Italian Black Bean soup and also a spinach quiche for our dinner.

My oldest used up some sour milk in a double batch of whole wheat waffles.

I made a bottle of salad dressing.

I thinned down a jar of pesto with a little olive oil.  It seemed extra thick to me.  We added it to some pasta with a little parmesan for a quick meal.

I watched Downton Abbey on Amazon.  We also watched our copy of Pirates Of The Caribbean.  The girls borrowed books and a copy of Harry Potter on DVD from the library.

I reorganized the pantry and made up a new shopping list.  I also checked out the ads and made decisions on what to buy this week and at which store based on the weekly sales.

I grocery shopped at two stores this week stopping at each one on my way home so as not to waste gas or time.  On Tuesday I stopped off at our corner market for a couple produce items, eggs and milk because they had the best price on these items this week.  Wednesday I stopped at Fred Meyer and picked up items from my shopping list that were on sale as well as some additional produce items that were well priced.  I used several store coupons as well as manufacturer coupons.

I stocked up on frozen chicken breast tenders on sale for $5.99 per 2.5 lb. package.  I bought two.  They will last us for awhile.

My greatest buy this week was two one pound boxes of Ronzoni pasta that were on sale for 79¢ each.  I had a $1.00 OFF coupon on 2 making my final price per box just 29¢!

I got my hair cut and colored by my stylist for the first time since October.  I was due. J

I recycled a Snapple bottle and two gallon size zipper bags to reuse for food storage.

What great thrifty things did you do last week to save money?


  1. Good week for you! Double Yay on the pasta deal! :)
    The last few weeks I have been trying to stay out of the stores and we have been using what we have in the house. This helped us save on groceries and gas.
    I also went through a lot of the stuff we have and we filled up a big box of food and a bagful of frozen food to give to a family we know in need- I was happy because some things we had we were not using at all and they can use those items more than we can.
    I accepted a cute little dress and a 2-piece outfit for my daughter. They will fit her next summer so I will hold them aside for her.
    I cleaned out my whole back laundry room and went through everything on the storage shelves and put aside several things for a yard sale, whenever we have one. I like organizing- it is so rewarding to walk in that room and see the shelves looking neater than before.
    All meals made at home- including desserts. Ate all the leftovers for lunches. No food waste at all.
    It rained a lot so all the water the kids splashed out of the pool was replenished- and then some! :)
    The kids wanted to get out and do something so we met up with some friends and went to the park and took a picnic lunch from home. They had a blast and it didn't cost anything at all.
    Hung most of the laundry out to dry, saving electricity.
    Watched some shows and movies on Netflix.
    Stayed home and grilled for the holiday so it cost us nothing!
    (I feel like I always write the same stuff, but it's hard to remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, let alone what I did in the last week- haha!)

    1. Awesome, awesome, awesome! You've run circles around me. Wow! Great thing about the rain to water everything and top off the pool. Pat yourself on the back Mama!

  2. Good job :) And I'm glad your little fire didn't turn into anything worse and everyone is okay.

    I was off work all last week and stayed home so I didn't waste any gas. Although honestly, I had nowhere to go or feel like going anywhere at this point so it wasn't purposely done.

    I had a baby shower and put back all the gift bags and tissue paper to reuse at some point in the future. Not too mention getting so many diapers/wipes/etc for the baby which will definitely save money not buying. At first I wasn't going to have one because I have such terrible social anxiety, but finally gave in and let my mom and sister in laws throw me one (they paid and took care of everything, all I had to do was greet and thank and sit in front of everyone blood red and nervous). My mom also gave me a bunch of thank you cards she got for free so I don't have to worry about buying any.

    I didn't stop anywhere after my baby doctor appointment. I usually stop and go shopping afterwards. I live in a really small town so we have to go another county for the doctor which also has a lot of stores I like to go to, but didn't stop anywhere this time which cut down on a lot of needless spending.

    I filled up a bag of stuff to donate to Goodwill. I made my husbands old shirts into cleaning rags instead of throwing them in the trash which will stop me from using paper towels on them. I started wearing my husbands character shirts (Mario, Donkey Kong, etc) instead of going out and buying ones since I've outgrown everything. He won't wear them so they have just been sitting there and I like them, they are comfortable over my big belly.

    1. Sounds great Jess. I always hated wasting the money on maternity clothes for such a short amount of time. Plus when I was pregnant they were really ugly. When is your little one due to make its arrival? I'll bet you are getting excited.

  3. My little man is due at the end of August. I'm definitely excited (with bouts of being scared, nervous, etc)!

    1. All normal, I assure you. Hope you are surviving the summer heat okay. I am really happy for you. My little man is 27, but I remember how excited I was the day he was born. Hard to believe that much time has passed already.


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