Monday, July 14, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I used our battery charger and hooked it up on the battery to keep the DC going in our tiny home until I get the power inverter replaced.  They run about $200.  I also topped off the battery with distilled water while I was at it.  A very nice friend gave me the water.

Rather than making any type of insurance claim we got busy and cleaned up the entire RV, washing all the surfaces and doing lots of laundry.  We left the door, vents and windows open as much as possible to air everything out and cleaned out the vent and cold air return on the A/C so the smoke odor would go away.  Once we were done it smelled fine and is all cleaned up and spiffy.

We had some milk and mushrooms go bad this week.  We also had some tomato sauce I had put aside for pizza grow fuzzy.  Due to the hundred degree heat it will be harder to keep things as long as we are used to.  We ate up all of our other leftovers, however, and kept our food waste to a minimum.

I attended a free concert Friday night with a friend of mine.  I will post more about that tomorrow.

I bought some groceries on Saturday at the corner market to get us by until I can do a proper shopping trip.  We really didn’t need much.

I bought a new skirt for myself and a sundress for my oldest at Walgreens, of all places.  Super cute and only $9.99 each.

I invited another friend over for dinner and we made a big salad and a couple of homemade pizzas.

I started reconstructing the lost portion of my novel.  I also made sure it was saved and backed up on my thumb drive. 

How was your thrifty week?  What did you do to save money?

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