Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tiny House Woes

I can't help but wonder if our sweet little RV might not be a touch cursed.  Or maybe it's just me.  Hard to say.

Tuesday night I was up later than usual doing some writing at the kitchen table.  I was just thinking I should probably wrap it up for the night and get to bed when sparks began to fly, of all places, beneath our gas stove.  In an instant it was like fireworks going off.  Snapping, popping and sparking.

A small fire had broken out and not easily accessible.  I got the kids up and ready to head out the door and grabbed my fire extinguisher. The very moment I pulled the bottom drawer out of the cabinetry to gain access to the area under the stove the fire literally snuffed itself out.

Our little home was full of smelly and acrid black smoke.  We opened up all the doors and windows and I watched to make sure it didn't re-ignite while I killed the power to be safe.  While the girls stayed outside in the fresh air I investigated to see what the heck had happened.

Our power inverter had surged and shorted itself out.  It's not a big deal to replace it but it sure could have been a big deal if it had caught the place on fire.  I was just extremely grateful we were all safe and sound and still have a home.

After quite awhile we decided to head off to bed.  It was nearly midnight at this point and I was just happy this hadn't happened when we were all asleep or while I was at work.  We could have lost what little we have, which is completely replaceable, I do realize, but still.

As I got ready to shut down the laptop and go to bed myself I discovered the word documents I had been working on were no longer there.  I don’t mean they had closed without saving my latest work, but gone as in no longer existed.  One was this blog and the other my latest work on a novel.  It made me sick at my stomach.  That's when my girls started to cry.

Since then I have been able to recover the blog documents and a partial document of the novel.  All back ups and saved documents had apparently been obliterated or corrupted by the power surge caused by the power inverter malfunctioning.  At least with the novel I have a starting place and once I've had a chance to settle down and get things in order I'll be able to sit back at the computer and rebuild the missing pieces. 

In the meantime we will enjoy our upcoming holiday weekend with our friends and family.  And finish cleaning up the smoky mess that is our home.  Not for a moment do I forget, things could have been much worse.


  1. Oh NO! That is very scary and disconcerting. I am so glad you are all safe.
    - molly

    1. Me too Molly! Definitely counting our blessings!

  2. Eek!! That would have scared me as well! :( So glad you & your girls are all fine! Thank God!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so thankful that you were still awake when that happened and that everyone is okay. I'm so sorry that some of your work was lost. But if you think about it, your decision to write and work on your novel could have saved your lives! :)
    I know it must have been scary to have gone through that. I once had the kitchen oven catch fire and starting shooting straight across the entire kitchen. I couldn't put it out so I ran upstairs and scooped up my napping 2 year old son and handed him to a neighbor while I called 911. I must have shut the oven door at some point and the fire had put itself out before the firemen got there- but boy, oh, boy- they were NOT happy at all! It just so happened that this all went down on Super Bowl Sunday just exactly at kickoff time- YIKES! I tried to make it up to them by baking a bunch of cookies and bringing them over to the firehouse the next day but I think they still were not too happy with me. Oops! :(

    1. Wow! Glad to hey had their priorities straight. Perhaps they would have been happier if your house had burnt to the ground.

  4. Are you serious?! I swear you and I live parallel lives. That is crazy! I agree with you. That novel definitely saved us. No doubt about that. I am truly grateful.

  5. Wow that is scarey, I'm so glad you guys are ok!


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