Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monthly Meal Plan - August

We will be doing things a little differently this month in anticipation of some upcoming expenses.  With school starting again soon and the expenses associated with that plus some other stuff going on I decided to make August a Pantry Month.

I think it will be a fun challenge as we prepare meals from our pantry and freezer with the food that is already on hand.  I imagine as the month wears on it could get pretty interesting.

I will still buy some fresh produce and milk, but that will be pretty much it.  I plan to keep those expenses to a minimum as well.  In keeping with that I also plan to try and not buy any nonfood items either.  Right now it looks like we have plenty of pet supplies, toiletries, toilet paper, laundry supplies and cleaning products so I don't plan to buy any of these things at all.

I'll be posting some of the meals we make each week in my "Last Week's Thrifty Moves" posts to keep you up on my progress.  Let's see how well we do!

Do you ever do a pantry month?


  1. At least 3 or 4 times a year we do a pantry challenge. I do the same as you- eat only from what we already have on hand and only make occasional trips to the store for fresh produce and milk. I actually enjoy these times because we use up a lot of what we have, it saves a ton of money that can go elsewhere, and it leaves a lot of room for creativity! You should see some of the things we come up with by the end of the month when ingredients are getting low- haha. We have some 'concoctions' that we invented, and named ourselves, that we now make as regular meals ('Ham-doggers', 'Hidden Treasure Lasagna', 'Guess-what-we're-eating casserole', 'Awesome-soup' and 'Take-it-or-leave-it Omelets.') Yeah, we're weird, I know.
    Sometimes I am well-stocked enough that we can eat out of our pantry/freezer for 2 months! (Of course that's when the car decides it needs some work or some other major expense pops up and the money that I was hoping to 'save' gets used up in a minute, but I am also thankful that I didn't have to get a ton of groceries and I had that money available to pay for the expense.) :)
    Can't wait to see what meals you come up with each week. :)

    1. BTW, tonight for dinner I am boiling some pasta and we are having it with "Don't-ask-don't-tell Spaghetti Sauce", also known as "Clean-Out-The-Fridge Sauce." :)

    2. Love it! I hope we have as much fun as you have. One of our clean out meals became a favorite we refer to as Mexican Stroganoff. It is yummy!


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