Friday, August 22, 2014

Back To School - School Supplies

My favorite thing about back-to-school when I was young, and even now, is the school supplies.  I don't know why it is but I love to shop for school supplies and I love to do it for as little money as I can get away with.  This year I think I may have topped myself.

For junior high aged children it is pretty easy.  Pens, pencils and notebook paper are the basic requirements.  Last year we needed a special calculator and it still works for this year.  A couple weeks ago I did buy her a new backpack as her old one was shot.

For the little one she still has the standard issue grade school list and fortunately we have everything we need in the School Supplies box in the bottom of their closet.  All we had to do was to assemble it in her backpack.

Last Friday night I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up ten spiral bound notebooks for 19¢ each.  So far I have spent a whopping $1.90 on school supplies to get them started in school this year.  Who hoooo!

How are you doing with school supplies?  How do you save money this time of year?


  1. This probably will not surprise you in the least, but I have always said that this is my absolute favorite time of the year- I love Fall, I love the crisp cool air and I love love love School Supplies! Maybe it's because I used to be a preschool teacher, but I still get a rush when I open up and smell a brand new box of crayons! :)
    That is awesome that you have only spent less than $2 for school supplies this year! Can't beat that! Are those their final supply lists or will the teachers have more requirements the first week of school?
    I don't think I did too bad in that department. My son was great about reusing most of his supplies from last year. We had to get him a few things that this year's teacher required (binder, tab dividers) and some items that were not reusable from last year (pencil case, pencil sharpener, ruler) but most things he used last year have a lot of life left in them (crayons, markers, pencils, eraser, scissors, etc.) He also needed a new book bag but even that wasn't a huge expense. I have a cabinet where I keep extra school supplies, all of which I get when they are at rock bottom prices this time of year, in so we are in pretty good shape. :)

    1. Usually the only thing they ask for after school begins is for boxes of tissues to be donated. I think I'll be able to handle that. I love office supplies, stationery, colored paper & card stock, pens & pencils, you name it. Post it notes!!! I love it all. :)


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