Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Uber Thrifty Month - July In Review

With five weekly paychecks I was able to do some real damage last month.  Not only was I able to pay all of our monthly expenses and meet both my financial goals but I was also able to quadruple my savings contribution for the month which also meant I hit a pretty important milestone.  I was able to fully fund my emergency savings account.

I used sales and a $10 store coupon to get a jump start on our back to school expenses and purchased shoes and a back pack for my oldest.  We took an inventory of the school supply box and the girl's wardrobes and were able to determine what we have and what we still need.  Fortunately the items we need to start the school year are relatively few.

We finally sold the handicap ramp from the business to the Make A Wish Foundation so we will be getting a check from them soon.  I plan to put that money into savings as well.

We kept our expenses and purchases to a minimum.  The majority of our purchases were for fuel, food, some toiletries and the two items I mentioned for school.  We conserved electricity and ran the A/C only when necessary which reflected nicely in our electric bill. 

All in all I'm quite pleased with how things went in July.


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