Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Christmas All Year Long - Christmas Candles

I love to burn candles especially at Christmas time so candles are usually something I give as gifts.  Last year I found some wonderful candles at the dollar store.  I am hoping to have the same luck this year too.

Sometimes inexpensive or discount candles aren't very good.  Either the fragrance isn't really fragrant or they won't burn right because the wick isn't inserted straight up and down or the wax burns too hot and the wick lays over and then gets buried.  To make sure I buy a couple to try out and if they are good then I go back and get more.

I find that vanilla scented candles are a good safe bet, unless I know for sure that someone enjoys a particular scent like cinnamon.  I myself can't burn cinnamon candles because it bothers the inside of my nose and makes it sting so I like to be sure before I buy someone a strongly scented candle.

I will usually tie a pretty ribbon around the glass jar the candle comes in to dress it up a little.  I saw on Pinterest once that someone had added some artificial holly leaves and berries which looked really nice.  I may have to try that sometime.

Do you enjoy candles at the holidays?  Do you give them as gifts?

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