Monday, August 4, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I didn’t do a whole lot of thrifty things last week really.  I didn't spend much either though.

I treated myself and a friend to a movie.  We went on tightwad Tuesday so it was only $5 a ticket.

I finished off a bottle of hair conditioner that had been hanging around the bathroom for quite awhile.  I'm glad to get that big bottle out of there.

On Friday I stopped on the way home from work and loaded us up with fresh produce for the week ahead.  I need my salad fixings.

I finished off a bottle of laundry detergent.  I added water to it to get the last little bit out.

I added milk to a bottle of ranch dressing to thin it down enough to get the last of it out of the bottle.  We tipped it upside down and let it all head to the neck of the bottle.  There was enough for both girls to use on their salad at dinner

I used the bag of banana muffins in the freezer my daughter made as my contribution for the potluck at work.  They were a hit.  No leftovers.

We ate from our pantry and freezer to start off our pantry month beginning on Friday.  Friday we had leftovers so that was easy.  Saturday I thawed frozen turkey meat and seasoned it with a half a packet of taco seasoning I found leftover in the pantry.  The girls finished off a box of crisp taco shells while I made myself a taco salad.

I watched a show on Hulu and one on Amazon.

I listened to a lot of music on YouTube while I was writing.

What thrifty things did you do to save money last week?


  1. If you didn't spend much money that's thrifty :-)

    I bought a used rocking chair and ottoman for the nursery from some people I know. Over $100 at Wal-Mart, I paid $30 and it's in great condition. Not too mention something I think I'll get a lot of use out of.

    Rented a free video game from Red box.

    Found a plug in cover on clearance for half price. Cheap anyways, but every little bit is nice.

    Spent a lot of hours playing video games online with friends. We stick with older games we love so we aren't wasting money on new junk.

    1. I think I did well. You too. My kids get their video games at the library. I'm not as much into the games as I am music and movies. And Suits. Love my dry humor.

  2. This month I am all about tightening up our belts and not buying too much. With back to school coming up and car maintenance, things will be stretched extremely thin, but I did do some frugal stuff this week to offset a little bit of the expenses in the long run.
    - I used a code that I received via email for a free redbox rental and the kids and I had a movie night and popped popcorn.
    - I bought a few school supplies for my son for school and he got a nice bookbag from walmart that was reasonably priced. We are waiting for a letter in the mail from his teacher to see if there is anything else we need to get for him. Most of his supplies we dug up from our own drawers and around the house.
    - I went to the Pepperidge Farm outlet this weekend to see what kind of deals I could get on bread and goldfish crackers. I ended up getting 2 pkgs hamburger rolls and 1 pkg hot dog rolls for $1 each and 3 huge bags (about 4 lbs per bag) of vanilla graham goldfish for $6.00! They were $3.00 a bag and if you bought 2 you get one more free, making them $2 a bag- that is a TON of goldfish! I am happy about this because my son has to bring a mid-morning snack for school each day and we can also use them in packed lunches.
    - I used a rain check that I got at my local grocery store a couple of weeks ago when they were having a sale and got 2 pkgs of ground beef for $1.98/lb. Great deal!
    - Aside from a few fresh grocery items I bought we are eating out of our pantry and freezer also. I have a decent size stock of supplies so it's all good. :)
    - I babysat for a friend of mine which helped me earn some much-needed cash. Normally I don't charge friends for babysitting but she knew I needed it and I didn't argue with he this time- I gratefully accepted what she offered.
    - Tomorrow night there is a free family night at the local park. I am planning on taking the kids to that for some fun and entertainment. There are supposed to be games, crafts, bingo, prizes, etc. To keep it free and frugal we are going to eat dinner before we go so we are not tempted to buy any food while we are there and we will bring water bottles with us. We are looking forward to it. :)

    1. Wow! You did AWESOME!!!!!!!! Great deals on the grocery items, especially the crackers. I wish ground beef would get that low around here. We are starting the school year with supplies we already have on hand too. Might need some spiral notebooks though.

  3. Last week I enjoyed things I've already paid for.
    - pets (snuggles and walks and string time are free!)
    - makeup (I'm not good at it, but playing is fun)
    - baking supplies
    - library books
    - netflix (orange is the new black. I finally caught on.)


    1. It is amazing how much fun you can have with the things you already own isn't it? Great thrifty moves Molly!

  4. Not a thrifty week for us. My son had a lacrosse tournament which required a hotel stay in Toronto. I used a savings code( app) I got through my insurance company and saved $30 on the cost of the room. Totally worth the 2 minutes it took to call the hotel. My husband would have just paid full price :)

    Last summer I bought a family pass for a pool that is about 30 minutes from us, for $110 for July and August. One brutally hot day last week, we drove there to swim but the insane wait to get in wasn't worth it. My son mentioned another outdoor pool on a nearby military base. We went to check and discovered it was only $30 for a one month pass and it was dead!! My kids were the only ones in the pool for almost an hour. My husband and I both lived on that base for years(my husband was my brothers best friend back then)so we are happy to hang out there.

    I have worked more this week as well so that I can get ready to purchase school and hockey stuff. My husband who always insisted my son have brand new hockey equipment has been mentioning buying used lately. Yay he is seeing the light!!

    1. Great savings on that hotel room. I buy used stuff for my kids a lot to save money because they go through things so fast. Good news about hubby. :)


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