Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Have A Guest! - Labor Day DIY Party Tutorial Part I

Sophie Miller contacted me to post on the blog some of her terrific ideas for celebrating Labor Day.  Her post is so wonderful I am going to share it with you over the next two days.

Thank you so much Sophie!

Ah yes, the end of August is approaching. September is almost here and that means the kiddos are almost back in school and summer is winding down. Why not celebrate another great summer with a friendly neighborhood get-together? Labor Day is a national holiday – meaning most of us should be offered a paid holiday by our employers or at very least a day off. Instead of spending this time sulking indoors and watching television episodes for 8 hours straight, throw a celebratory Labor Day barbecue! Nothing feels like summer more than sitting out in the backyard with a lite breeze tickling your hair and the smell of something delectable cooking over a grill. Invite your co-workers, friends, and neighbors to join in and bring a dish – it doesn’t have to be a huge event, but a modest social occasion.

Here are some ideas!

Party Specifics

So – we’ve got this idea to throw a Labor Day party.  Now what?

Should we do decorations?  How about streamers?

Cake, ice cream, drinks - alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

How many should I invite?

Take a deep breath and let’s deal with one question at a time.

First let’s consider your target audience and define your party size.  Will this include 7-8 of your closest friends or are we going big with 10-12 or more people?  Once you have that figured out, time to send out some fun party invitations to those lucky party invitees.  Send those out a week or so in advance to allow people enough time to plan for it.

Next, let’s decide on the theme of the party.

Is this going to be one to decorate the house and outside of the house for?  Are you going to go with the red, white, and blue traditional for celebrating Labor Day?  One interesting idea that I am super excited about is a Hawaiian-style party; pineapples, pork over a fire, and fun games!  Who wouldn’t want to experience that?!

What to eat?

Then, of course, is the food.  Come back tomorrow and we'll talk about one of the most important elements of your party.

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  1. This post brought to my attention that Labor Day is right around the corner. Time sure does fly! I like this post- cant wait to see the food part of it. :)


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