Friday, August 1, 2014

Tiny House Living - One Year!

I find it truly hard to believe that exactly one year ago we moved into our RV and made it our home.  It has certainly been an experience, no doubt about that.  So after a year what have I learned from this?

I know for a fact I can truly live in this world with far less stuff.  I could actually do it with less than what I currently have too.  Sometimes I still feel like I have too much.  We also definitely think more before we buy things.

My relationship with my children and their relationship with each other has grown.  We didn't think it possible but we are much closer, kinder and more considerate.  We work together as a team and we all help out to more to evenly disperse the workload.  Instead of it being one person's job to do something we all do the laundry or fix dinner.

Three people cooking in an RV at the same time is actually possible.  We figured out how to do it and now we do it that way most of the time.  We also discovered we can entertain guests and put on a full meal with no trouble at all.

When something goes wrong we figure out how to fix it or improvise and make things work another way.  Case in point was our refrigerator conking out on us and the power inverter shorting out and wreaking havoc.  We also discovered in a crisis our ability to remain relatively calm and handle the situation.

We talk more, laugh more, play more, read more, and enjoy each other's company more.  I find I don't sweat the small stuff like I used to and I have fewer crabby days. J

I've perfected the quick shower and we now know that three girls can manage with only one bathroom and fewer toiletries.  It's amazing!

It doesn't take long to clean house, heat it up or cool it down.

The oven sucks.  Thankfully we have our convection toaster oven to use instead. 

We've had a lot of fun too!


  1. That's it- make room for one more cause I'm packing up and moving in with you fun gals! Haha!
    Seriously though- What a great post! It's amazing to realize all of the blessings we can find when we look around us, isn't it! :)

    1. Come on over! We'll scoot and make room. :)

  2. how long will you be living tiny

    1. Currently I'm just in it a day at a time. You just never know where your path may take you and how quickly things can change.


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