Friday, June 12, 2015

School Clothes Shopping Is Done!

Yep!  You heard me right.

Holy guacamole I can't believe it!

While reading the news online Sunday morning I got a notification from JC Penney to tell me all their school uniforms were on clearance.  So of course I clicked on it.  And they weren't joking!  We are talking serious markdowns.  And an additional 25% OFF my total.  Plus free shipping! - You know I'm all about the free shipping!!

I put together an order and then the girls and I headed to the mall to try on stuff and determine sizes.  While we were there I realized their sale prices in the store were not at all the same as the sale prices listed online.

When we got home I went back online with my calculator in hand and did some major shopping and calculating.  I purchased all the clothes the girls need to start school and after the discounts, and free shipping to the store at the mall I am done!  And I did it all for less than…

…wait for it….

Okay, not less than anything, but exactly $88.10.  Yup!  Not foolin'!  

I got the oldest outfitted for a mere $30.96, taxes included - khaki pants, khaki skirt, two polo shirts and six pair of socks.  A friend of ours gave us two pair of pants her daughter had outgrown and once I take them in a bit and hem them she'll have four pair of pants in total.

The youngest needed a bit more than her bigger sister this year.  Her total came in at a whopping 57.14, taxes included - two pair of jeans, four tops and a 10 pair package of underpants.

But it didn't end there.  You see, I was on a serious roll!

I had a $10 OFF $50 Purchase coupon that ShopKo had sent me in the mail.  After we left the mall and before I headed home to finish my online purchases we stopped in and got the youngest a new pair of Avia sneakers on sale for $24.99.  They are super cute.  We also got the oldest two new bras on sale for 2/$12 (I wish mine were that inexpensive) and a darling three piece swimsuit set (comes with swim shorts to go over the bottoms, which I really appreciate) on sale for $24.99.  She outgrew her old suit, which she only used twice last summer so I am saving it for the youngest to use next summer along with her P.E. uniform for when her sister begins junior high in the fall of 2016.  It was nice to use the $10 coupon and save that extra bit of cash.

My youngest has a boat load of socks in really good condition and my oldest just opened a brand new 10 pair package of underwear so we are all set there.  They also have some items in good enough shape to wear again next year.

Every year at this time clearance sales abound with the last of the winter wear and shoes as the stores prepare to clear inventory and make space for the Back-To-School sales that start up right after the 4th of July.  I've been fortunate to find some terrific bargains each year when school ends but this year, is by far, my best shopping and saving experience.



  1. Great job at finding amazing bargains !!!
    I'm always on the lookout for deals on clothing for Little One. I try to have at least seven complete outfits for her to wear. (Socks, undershirts and underpants included) I usually purchase her socks and undies at Walmart and the majority of her outfits from thrift stores. I'm amazed at how much clothing I find for her that still has the original tags on them. I love it !!
    Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us and have a lovely week end.
    Vanessa B
    BTW....... Do you have eggs yet?

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I used to buy my girls and my son's clothes at thrift stores quite a bit when they were younger. As they get older it is harder. Now I find it next to impossible to find jeans with knees still left in them.

      No eggs yet, but soon. Most likely by the end of next month someone should be ready to lay. I'm getting excited about it too. Have a fabulous weekend as well!

  2. Whow!, That is some serious great shopping. You deserve some type of large reward!!!

    1. I think you are right. Hmmmm. Now you've got me thinking. :)

  3. Wow... I can't believe you got all that for that price! Well done!! :) And yes, bras aren't cheap at all! So those are a great price too!

    1. Oh Carla, I can't tell you how thrilled I am with everything. I think this is my greatest back-to-school accomplishment yet. :)


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