Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dollar Store Cuisine - Challenge #3

Monday evening my youngest took on her next dollar store meal challenge by preparing a Jambalaya boxed rice mix and adding some sliced smoked sausages to it.  This one she said was super quick and easy to prepare.

She just poured some water into a pan, added the rice and sauce packet along with the sausages and let it cook. 

I can tell you it smelled pretty awesome when she was making it and the girls said that it was really tasty and spicy too.

She served it with leftover green beans we already had, but reminded me that Dollar Tree sells them canned and frozen so it would still count.  I heartily agreed with her.  Clever!

For under $3 you could make this same meal that makes four to six good sized servings.  The rice mix and sausages were a dollar each and a can of green beans goes for 79¢ at our Dollar Tree.  Not a bad deal.


  1. What a smart little cookie you have raised! We used to make that same meal and it was so quick and easy.

  2. Hi Dana,
    I found your blog through one of the other ladies. I think it was Hawaii Planner or Sam. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I admire you and the wonderful, imaginative, fun way you live and raise your lovely girls. You also remind me that politics, nations, ideologies, narratives and rhetoric might have never been more divided but that we everyday people have so much in common: we just want to live decently, have happy children and make our contribution to society.

    You are simply wonderful.

    Heloise (Frozen North of England).

  3. I'm playing blog catch up today and I just love these Dollar General posts!


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