Monday, July 9, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I slept in until 7:00, which is really good for me.  I crawled out of bed about fifteen minutes later and decided to jump in and get my day started.  After a cup of coffee I got dressed, made myself a second cup of coffee to go, keto style, and headed out the door for a little grocery shopping at Winco.  I was ready to start my $20 a week grocery challenge!

On the way home I stopped at the carwash to give my poor car a much needed bath.  I also vacuumed it thoroughly, including the trunk.  Then I headed toward home stopping along the way to pick up two spray cans of window cleaner at Dollar Tree and at Albertson's for a gallon of milk which was half the price than Winco.  I was surprised at their milk prices when I was there as they seemed unusually high.  When I got home I put away the groceries before I headed outside and finished cleaning the car by washing the inside of the windshield and wiping down the interior surfaces.  So nice to drive a shiny clean car.  I kept my momentum going and got a bunch of little chores completed by lunch time which gave me the rest of the day to enjoy.

Monday I was back to work, but with only a two day work week.  With the 4th Of July in the middle of the week I decided to add two vacation days and enjoy a long five day weekend.  Of course I packed it with loads of projects around the house and I'll be sharing that with all of you in another post as I completed quite a few things on my To Do list.  Yaaay!

Leonard chilling out with Mom

Tuesday morning I got all of my household chores done before I left for work.  I came home and began my staycation by doing a whole lot of nothing.  I hung out with my girls watching TV and acting silly.  It was great!

Wednesday morning I was up with the chickens and got myself busy by setting the sprinklers and getting all of my watering done so I could start my first day of staycation projects.  I even got the refrigerator wiped out and reorganized.  Later that day we picked up my oldest daughter's boyfriend at the airport as he was here for a visit and they hadn't seen each other since Prom weekend.  From there we went to our annual family barbeque and had fireworks.

Summer temperatures have arrived.  Thursday the youngest and I installed the two A/C window units upstairs.  We then strategically placed a couple box fans to help move the cool air through the house.

Here is a peek at some of the things I bought at Home Depot

I used a $50 Home Depot gift card to cut our latest supply run in half.

The majority of the week I was in project mode and it made me very happy!  Watching things transform is amazingly gratifying.  I can hardly wait to share what we've been doing.  So exciting!

Another sneak peek!  What could I possibly be up to?

Friday morning I reorganized our garage and swept it all out.  It made it much nicer not only to get to our supplies, but to also know what all we had on hand.  I used a lot of those items in last week's projects which saved me a good chunk of money.

Saturday morning the girls both had eye exams.  We got that out of the way, stopped at Home Depot for another gallon of paint, dropped off the boyfriend at the airport to head home and then we got back to work on our projects.

Phew!  I think I might need a vacation after my vacation.

Mini Albertson's haul

Oh!  Before I forget, I came it at $20.52 on my $20 or less grocery challenge.  52¢ over!  Grrrr.  I'm sure I can make up the difference this week.  I'm going to do my darnedest.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. 52 cents over isn’t too bad. 😜

    1. Shouldn't have gone back for that second can of olives. Ha!

  2. I think you did great! Can't wait to see what you are building. ;) Oh and that Leonard...what a handsome boy he is!


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