Thursday, February 7, 2019

Finishing Unfinished Projects

I've been fairly good about finishing projects, but there are a few around here that just need to get done.  I have an unfinished quilt that just needs to be quilted and the binding attached.  A small bin of craft projects that need to be assembled and an afghan I started last month that I really should finish.

There is a box of photos we have decided to take care of this year.  A family history album that I began putting together nearly 20 years ago, but never finished as well.  And a mini photo journal I started last year needs to be worked on too.

I have some trim to add to our stairway that I'm waiting on warmer drier weather so I can setup my tools outside and get to work.  Along with that I have a big list of other projects I'd like to tackle around here.  Included on that is a much needed garage makeover.

The biggest project I have sitting and waiting for my attention is an unfinished novel that needs to be published.  It is a second installment to my first novel and I know some people who are very anxious to read what happens next.  Sad truth is that it is 90% complete.  I just need to finish it!

I don't know about you, but unfinished projects tend to nag at me.  They appear to sit silently, patiently waiting, but they really aren't.  They are mocking, taunting, letting me know that they are still there.  Ha, ha, ha.

So I have some work to do this year.  And to get these things completed I decided to actually put them on our schedule and block out periods of time to work on each one.  Will it work?  I certainly hope so or else I fear they will never be completed.

Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck on your projects! For me, since I’m a cross stitcher, it’s “fully” finishing a project once I’ve finished the stitching, i.e. turning it into a pillow, ornament, framed piece or something else. I’m a perfectionist, and sewing really intimidates me, so I procrastinate a lot.

    1. Thank you Meg. I find it easier to procrastinate if I feel intimidated too. It happens to the best of. :)

  2. I have a couple of quilts to finish up this year that are long term projects. They are for me so I keep pushing them aside to finish up smaller projects or gifts for others. I am about to make another baby quilt for a shower gift but that should not take me long. I also want to make some burp cloths for that gift from the quilty leftovers. I should then have time to tackle my older projects. I am still working on my photos too. That is taking way longer than it should! I should probably go digital with that but it is way more cost effective if I do paper style books. I am trying to just keep it simple though - not overly fancy layouts. I like those pocket style scrapbook albums that are 4x6 based for simplicity sake but I don't like the cost. I figure I can "grid" it myself and add some journaling to what I already have for far less. Here's to getting it done with what we have on hand, right?

    1. I admit I am really struggling with the photos. So I'll just move on and get busy on some of the other stuff until I feel ready to tackle it. I'll get there, right? LOL


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