Friday, June 14, 2019

15 Minute Chores Save My Sanity

I don't think anyone would argue with me that we have been stinking busy around here.  We had a nonstop school year filled with loads of school functions and activities that led up to projects to prepare for my daughter's graduation party, followed by graduation itself.  We've had tons of company and entertained a lot in last few months.  Then we launched ourselves onto a weeklong fun filled and activity packed vacation/road trip that lasted for nine days.  It was a ton of fun!  When we got home our house was clean and waiting for us.  Just like we left it.

If it wasn't for a dedicated household chore schedule incorporating 15 minute chores I seriously would've lost my mind at some point.  Had we been letting things go throughout all of this and fallen behind on keeping up the house I would've been in trouble.  No way did we have the time to drop what we were doing to do a big clean up.  And thankfully, that was never an issue.  It was our one constant.  A clean and tidy house.

Every day we made sure and got our chores done.  By the time our final houseguest left after graduation we had to pack our bags, pack our cooler and pack our car to take off.  When we pulled out of the driveway our house was clean and everything was in order and no one had to devote any extra time to make it happen.  It was just done.

It still amazes me at how well this works and how liberating it is.  If you struggle with keeping up your home, if you are busy like me, or if you just hate housework altogether I encourage you to try doing your chores 15 minutes at a time.  It is life changing and I am so very glad I decided to do things this way.  Not only do I save myself a ton of time, but I save my sanity as well.


  1. I have to say you get more done in 15 minutes that I can in an hour. I tend to get distracted, but since I'm retired it doesn't matter as much. Good on you to find a method that works for you and your family.

  2. Love the vacuum marks on your carpet.

  3. I love the feeling of coming home to a clean house, especially after having a busy day. Your home looks serene :)



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