Friday, October 22, 2021

Another $5 Prep


I was able to fit in another mini prep with the help of my daughter and I only spent $5!  We both got a FREE offer for hand soap at Albertson's so she picked those up for us and I hit up a Dollar Tree.  I grabbed four more of their vacuum sealed 6 oz. espresso grind bricks of coffee and a package of filters.  Not a bad little haul and this completes my coffee prepping goal.  I am really enjoying these little prepping hauls because I don't feel like I'm spending much and it is quick and easy.  Plus I always feel like I'm making good progress when I do this.  Have any of you stocked up on anything or done some prepping?




  1. A few weeks ago, I found Campbell's soups for $1 each. I am trying not to buy anything except clearance, bogo, and loss leaders.


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