Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christmas All Year Long – Gift Tags

We used up all the gift tags we made last year so I decided to make more.  Last year I made my gift tags with my girls using Christmas cards and scraps of this and that in our craft box.  We even stamped some. 

This year I made it a little simpler since we also made Christmas cards this year.  I went into word and formatted some self adhesive Avery 8160 labels for our gift tags.  It only took me a few minutes.  On each label I placed a Christmas motif from Clip Art, then in a “text box” I put the words “To:” and “From:” in a nice font. 

When I am ready to start wrapping I will print the labels and in the meantime I will keep them stored in my “Christmas” file on my computer. 

I know gift tags are pretty inexpensive to buy, especially at the after Christmas sales but it is a fun little project and I like the idea of using what I already have.  Plus I get to personalize them the way I like.

Do you need to make some Gift Bags or Tags this year?

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  1. Wayyy too early to be thinking about Christmas for me! lol!! If i'm desperate, I just use pieces of paper.. lol! After I wrapped all our gifts last year I found the years before gift tags, so we're set for 2013 Christmas! haha!


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