Monday, March 3, 2014

Last Week’s Thrifty Moves

A friend gave me a package of venison from the deer he shot last fall.  He also gave me a grocery bag full of walnuts.  Yeah for me!  There is a hitch, however.  I have to make my venison chili and have them over for dinner.  No problem!!

I did NO grocery shopping this week.  I didn't need to buy gas or propane either.  Whoo hoo.

I spent a $1 for wiggle eyes at the dollar store then helped my youngest work on a big school project making her "warm fuzzies" to "sell" to her class.  They are learning about entrepreneurship.  Pretty cool, huh?
Warm Fuzzies
I sold and listed more items on eBay.  Fortunately they continue to offer me free listings which saves me quite a bit.

I made a coleslaw type of salad for a potluck lunch at work from items I already had on hand.

I stuck to the menu plan and had plenty of leftovers to easily keep us in lunches all week long and into this week.

Our landlady brought us a bag of mandarin oranges.  Very nice of her. 

I finished up a tube of chapstick I'd been digging the last little bit out of the past two weeks.  I know most people would have just tossed it when it got down to the end like that but I just can't.  There is still a lot of chapstick left inside that tube.

The company I work for provides hot tea and coffee for its employees.  Needless to say this will save me a ton as I'll be using much less at home.

The weather was nice enough we were able to turn the heat off during the day several times last week.  I've also been able to keep it turned down lower at night.

The girls and I had a spa day at home on Saturday morning.  Manicures, pedicures, facials and hair.  So fun spending that time with them.

We went to Harbor Freight to do some Christmas shopping.  I was able to get two items for free with coupons.  Some lucky guy is going to get a couple nifty items.  So far I have spent $0 on Christmas gifts.  I also bought a set of two solar yard lights on sale for $7.99 while I was there.

We used a gift card we got for Christmas and went out to lunch at a restaurant.  Our total out of pocket with tip was less than $15.

At the dollar store I purchased a flat rectangular container to store ice in so I can keep the ice trays freezing in the mini fridge.  I was really missing not having ice to put in my water.  Now I will have plenty of ice.

While at the dollar store I also picked up a pair of garden gloves and six packets of seeds.  The seeds were only 25¢ each.  I am making plans for a container garden here at our tiny home.  Two of the packets are petunia and marigold seeds so we'll hopefully have some flowers. 

What thrifty things did you do last week?

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