Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Groceries To Buy When You Are Dead Broke

Sometimes times get tough.  For whatever reason you find yourself with not enough money until payday and bare cupboards.  It happens.  This is my list of foods I would buy if I suddenly found myself in this situation.

Eggs (one dozen) - a very versatile source of protein - $1.69
Rice (16 oz.) - $1
Pinto beans (16 oz.)- $1
Elbow macaroni (16 oz.) - store brand 89¢
Bread - a loaf of store brand wheat or white, runs about $1
Peas & Carrots (16 oz.) - store brand frozen peas & carrots run about 79¢ and yield four servings.
Green Beans (16 oz.) - store brand frozen peas & carrots run about 79¢ and yield four servings.
Tuna (5oz.) - store brand canned tuna runs about 69¢ per can
Bologna (12 oz.) - store brand turkey bologna averages $1.29
Milk (1/2 gal.) - whole milk cut 50/50 with water to equal a gallon $1.59
Orange juice concentrate - makes half a gallon of juice $1.19
Oatmeal - one large canister of the store brand quick cooking oats $2.89
Bananas - 59¢ a pound, less if found in the markdown bin
Peanut Butter (16 oz.) - store brand $1.99
Hot Dogs (8ct.) - chicken franks 89¢
Margarine (1 lb) - 89¢
Brown Sugar (1/2 lb.) - 79¢
Chicken Thighs - 89¢ per pound
Spaghetti Sauce - one can 99¢
Ramen - 5 for $1
Canned tomatoes - store brand 59¢ each

Assuming you still have a few condiments and spices I think this list could easily feed one or two people for a week for less than $25 and you most likely would have some food left over.

What would you make with this?  Well you could make:

Scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice
Bologna sandwich, banana, milk
Chicken, rice, green beans, milk
Fried rice with chicken, eggs, peas & carrots, milk
Pasta marinara, green beans, milk
Tuna sandwich, banana, milk
Oatmeal with brown sugar, milk, orange juice
Hot dogs, peas & carrots, milk
Peanut butter banana sandwich, milk
Chicken & rice soup, milk
Ramen, vegetable, chicken stir fry
Ramen soup with vegetables
Pinto beans with canned tomatoes, milk 

Do you think you could make it to pay day on a tight budget with these options?


  1. What an excellent post! We have been in situations where we did have next to nothing to work with until payday and very little in the house. Your suggestions are right on and I wish I had this post to look at when we needed it. I am sure there are people out there who will really appreciate this list you made, as well as the meal suggestions to go with it. :)

  2. I wish we had your grocery prices... lol!

  3. Good list. The only think I would skip is the tuna because no one in my family would eat it.

  4. Our money is so tight we are desperate this month and those are the items we've purchased. Great list. I've also been using up a lot from our deep freeze and pantry. Trying hard to make $130 stretch 2 weeks for our family of 6 including gas for my commute to work. It's tough. But we are making due. Great blog


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