Monday, March 10, 2014

Last Week’s Thrifty Moves

First thing Sunday morning I made my simple soap solution and refilled the bathroom foaming soap dispenser.

I used up the last two lone strips of bacon by dicing them up and frying them until crispy.  Then I scrambled that into four eggs and served it with toast, honey, homemade jam and home canned peaches for our Sunday breakfast.  It was scrumptious and more than enough for the three of us.

I trimmed my bangs and gave the youngest a haircut.

I made a loaf of whole wheat bread.  I also used up a very ripe banana by making another loaf of banana bread for our weekday breakfasts.  I prefer my banana bread to be less banana-y (if that is a word) so I think one banana is perfect in my recipe.

I saved money and electricity again last week by being able to turn the heat off during the day.  Yippee!

I made only two pots of coffee this week and enjoyed the coffee at work instead.  Thank you very much to my new (old) employer!

I used my Fred Meyer rewards points and filled my truck with gas saving 10¢ per gallon.

I ran all of my errands on the way home from work - grocery store, drug store, bank, gas station, temp agency, post office - so I didn't have to make any trips out of my way and thereby saving gas.  Because we now live on the edge of town in the "country" I now have a bit of a commute back and forth to work so I want to really conserve fuel whenever possible.

At Walgreens I used coupons and sales to purchase a bottle of dish soap for 74¢ and three candy bars for 24¢ each.  The candy bars will end up in Easter baskets so I put them away in my secret stash.

At the post office I picked up some more free mailing supplies for my eBay orders.

I collected and set aside two more coupons for free items from Harbor Freight.  They don't expire for quite awhile so I plan to save them up until I am in that neck of the woods again and then I'll stop by and turn them in.  More goodies to put aside for Christmas.

Once again I listed and sold more items on eBay.

I cut the bottom off of a gallon milk jug and saved an empty sour cream container to use to start my seedlings in.  I'm anxious to plant something.

I added water to my "empty" dish soap bottle and had enough soap to wash two more loads of dishes.

At the grocery store a lady gave me three free samples of environmentally friendly laundry detergent to try as well as some coupons.  For my little washing machine I think that amount will last all week long.

On Saturday evening I browned up a pound of turkey sausage and used half of it to make two pizza.  I saved the other half for our Sunday breakfast.

I watched a couple TV shows on Hulu for free.

I made homemade fry sauce with equal parts mayonnaise and ketchup and a little Worcestershire sauce for our hamburger and fries dinner in.  The leftover sauce I saved to use as a spread when I make reuben sandwiches on St. Patrick's Day. 

How are some ways you saved money last week?


  1. Mostly I've just stayed home and that saves me a lot of money! A friend came over one day and we sewed together. I am making a long sleeved t-shirt from a Vogue pattern I bought a long time ago. I'm not an experienced sewist so I like to make a trial garment before cutting into the real deal. I'm making my trial tee out of scraps of old t-shirts that would have (and may yet) become scraps. I've discovered a cheaper way to buy mushrooms and peppers (frozen is half the cost of fresh, at least this time of year); also discovered that fresh milk goes on sale when nearing it's best by date and this is about 10p cheaper per liter than UHT milk which I've always bought because it was cheaper than fresh milk and keeps a lot longer. I freeze the 2.27 litre bottles of sale milk, so I still have a supply. Reminded me that it pays to keep looking out for bargains.

    1. I love it when I can find a bargain on milk. We go through a lot of it with two growing girls. Sounds you did great last week!


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