Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Crazy Busy Sunday Morning

Sunday before last we had had such a busy week that there were many things I fell behind at.  Normally I like to make Sunday a quiet family oriented day with a minimal of chores needing to be done.  However, I also did not want to start out the week already behind on the things that needed to be done.  Like three loads of laundry.

First thing after coffee I got busy and started the first load of laundry, followed by loading up the bread machine with ingredients to get our weekly loaf of homemade bread started.  Next I made a delicious coffee cake for Sunday breakfast.  It was a good one too.  Recipe to be posted soon, I promise.

I had a very ripe banana to make into a loaf of banana bread for our breakfasts during the week.  I got that in the oven once the coffee cake was done.  By the time breakfast was over the bread dough was ready to shape and put in the bread pan for the final rise.  While it did its final rise and the banana bread finished baking we got busy and made up a batch of beer to put in the keg to ferment over the next two weeks.

Laundry load number one was hung out to dry and laundry load number two was started to wash while banana bread came out of the oven and whole wheat bread went in.  Next up was to pull the medium slow cooker out of the cupboard and get the corned beef brisket on to cook.  We celebrated St. Patty's Day a day early.

Laundry load number two was hung to dry while number three, all sheets, was begun.  Bread out and oven off.  Phone call from friend completed.  Load three hung up on landlord's clothesline (she shares) and check the brisket.  House is smelling way too good.

Run outside and pull the lever to empty holding tank.  Least appetizing event of the day.  Run back inside to dump two buckets full of water down the toilet.  Wash hands.  Check sensor - EMPTY!

Breads are cooling, beer is fermenting, dishes are washed, and I give the girls seeds, potting soil and the bottoms cut off of two milk jugs so they can start some flowers.  Opened up new vacuum  packaged coffee and refill coffee canister (quart mason jar), smelled so good.  Then I put all the dry dishes away.

Open cold beer from refrigerator, prop open front door, open windows and let fresh air inside, kick kids and kitties outside and soon I am chilling.  Ahhhhhh, it feels so good to get so much done in a fairly short amount of time.  Next to watch the race and relax. 

Some days are just that way aren't they?  How about you?  Ever feel like you've just run a marathon in your own house?


  1. Woe! That WAS a busy morning! Don't you just love days like that when you feel like you accomplish so much! I love the feeling I have when I go to sleep at night after a day like that. :)


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