Friday, June 27, 2014

Investment Cooking - Chili Con Carne - With No Beans

I know I've mentioned before that my youngest doesn't care for legumes in any form.  Slowly she is accepting refried beans in small doses but to sit down and eat a big bowl of bean soup or chili is pure torture to her.  We were talking one day and she told me she likes the taste of the sauce in chili, just not the beans and I told her there was such a thing as chili without beans. 

Awhile back I bought her a small can of it to try and she did enjoy it very much.  So I decided, rather than buy it I would make it for her.  We realized that having a batch of beanless chili on hand could prove rather useful as an ingredient in other things like nachos or stuffed baked potatoes.  It would also be handy to have it already made and just add beans for a bowl of real chili. J

Chili Con Carne - With No Beans

1 to 2 pounds of ground beef, pork, or turkey
2 15 oz. cans tomato sauce
1 15 oz can diced tomatoes with chiles, undrained
1 envelope chili seasoning or homemade equivalent

Brown meat and drain away any fat.  Place in slow cooker.  Add tomato sauce, tomatoes and seasoning.  Stir well to completely combine.  Add lid and turn cooker on low for four to six hours to allow flavors to combine well.

After the chili had cooled I divided it amongst various size freezer containers.  Now I have a nice supply in my freezer.  So far we have thawed and used one container for nachos and used the leftovers to make chili cheese omelets.  The omelets were delicious! 

So how do you like your chili?  Beans or No Beans?


  1. That looks good. I think I will make that when I can find ground beef at a price I am willing to pay :)
    Chili, for me, needs lots of beans.

  2. If you want her to have some for health reasons.. my mom used to hide it by mashing up some in the food processor and adding it. I hate the texture to this day and I'm 34 years old... I didnt know it was there..

  3. Only beans!
    - molly


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