Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I checked the ads online Sunday morning and found two items listed on my shopping list on sale at Fred Meyer -  3# package of extra lean hamburger patties $11.99 and 1# pkg. butter 2/$4.  When I stopped for fresh produce later in the week I also picked up those two items.

The girls borrowed books, DVDs and a Nintendo game from the library.  They also signed up for the Summer Reading Program to earn prizes.  On the way home from the library they stopped at the market for eggs, sour cream and onions that were on sale so I didn't have to.  It was their first on their own shopping trip and they were pretty proud of themselves.

After work on Thursday I stopped for gas and filled my tank using my rewards points and saved 10¢ a gallon.  I was able to fill my tank for $37.  Every little bit helps.

Once I was done fueling up I stopped at the grocery store to pick up the sales items that were also on my shopping list of needed items and fresh produce.

We gave our kitchen scraps to the neighbor's chickens again this week and wisely used up our leftovers for our lunches.  Keeping a lid on what is in the refrigerator helps us to avoid wasting food.

I ordered and received a replacement black ink cartridge for our printer from eBay and used money in my PayPal account to pay for it.

I ordered and received an educational computer game for the girls from Amazon for $5.  I was able to have it shipped in two days for free using my Prime membership so it arrived fast.  They were thrilled to get it.

We decided to have another "Hamburger Night" at home on Friday evening.  We stayed home and made our own as opposed to going out for burgers.  Last time it was Mushroom Swiss burgers.  This time it was a delicious cheeseburger.

Saturday afternoon I treated the girls to salad bar at a nearby restaurant.  Afterward we visited two thrift stores and each came home with a new summer top.  I also found a new shower caddy to help me organize our bath supplies better.

I started watching the Forsyte Saga on line using my Amazon Prime membership. 

What thrifty things did you do last week?  Find any great bargains?


  1. High Five for your savings this week! I didn't think I had such a thrifty week until I read about yours and some of the things you did reminded me of points in my own week and made me realize that my week was better than I thought. I went to the library and I signed the kids up for the summer reading program to earn prizes and they borrowed books and a movie. I used my grocery store gas rewards card and got 50¢ off per gallon (whoo-hoo!) and filled up my gas tank. We did have some food waste, but that was fed to the dog who gratefully devoured every last bite (so I guess it really wasn't wasted, was it?!) We ate all meals at home and for my b-day dinner we grilled burgers ourselves and then went to Friendly's for ice cream- Mmmm!! I took your suggestion and did my meal planning for the whole month and grocery shopped for the whole month and spent a lot less than I normally do- so Thank You! :)

    1. Oh yeah- I forgot! I made your bean burritos this week- they were good! The kids loved them! And I also made your French Béchamel Sauce last night- that was good too! I made a double batch of the sauce and froze half of it with some leftover broccoli mixed in for a quick meal. All I will have to do is defrost the sauce and boil some pasta and mix 'em together. :)

    2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! You had super great week! I'm so glad you liked the burritos and bechamel. Love the sauce with broccoli and pasta. Yum!

    3. Oh and saving 50 cents a gallon on gas! You're a rock star!!!

  2. We ate at home every day. Go us! I made a lot of lasagne and bean bake for the freezer, shared a meal with a new mom (of twins!), went to a friend's house (free!), walked the dog a lot instead of joining the gym. :-)

    - molly

    1. That's great Molly! Way to go!!! There are so many great ways to save.


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