Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I made homemade yogurt and a double batch of granola.  I also baked four loaves of bread and two loaves of banana bread using two very ripe bananas from the markdown bunch I purchased the week prior.

I used a $10 gift card to help offset half of the expense of us all going out to lunch.

On Memorial Day we cleared out all of the leftovers in the refrigerator from the prior week and enjoyed a very nice lunch.

On the way home from work Wednesday I stopped at Walgreens to pick up two bottles of dish soap on sale for 89¢ each.

Thursday I got a bit of an early start on my June grocery shopping.  Cheese was on sale at Fred Meyer so I stopped and picked up 6 packages of shredded cheese for $10.  I put two in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.

I also bought two packages of ground pork for $1.99 a pound.  I divided each one in half, wrapped and froze them.  Four good sized packages of meat for $6 isn't too shabby.

When I checked out at the store the register spit out several coupons for $1 OFF on items I purchase a lot.  Pasta, ground turkey, and cereal.  That made my trip even better!

I took another store survey and added 50 bonus points to my rewards card for extra savings at their gas station.

I scraped up the ingredients I needed from my freezer and pantry to make a batch of Taco Soup to take to work for our month end potluck.  I still have enough ingredients left to make another batch.

Friday I gave my oldest my $5 Bunco winnings so she could attend the year end school dance and buy herself a snack.  She is truly my child.  She waited until the end of the dance to buy her snack because she knew they would lower the prices from ridiculously over the top to dirt cheap.  She bought two large slices of pizza for $1 and a soda from one of the school vending machines.  I've taught her well. J

I used some of our produce to make a salad for another potluck lunch I attended on Saturday.  I also made a tasty vinaigrette using soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, ginger, sugar and olive oil to go with it.

We made a point to use up all of our leftovers, minimize food waste and stuck to our menu plan.  We gave our kitchen scraps to the neighbors chickens.  Every time they see us they come running because they know we usually have something good for them.

My youngest and I organized all of our canning jars and got them put away in the storage area in the front of the RV.  We took and inventory of all the lids while we were at it and now I have a good idea of what I have and what I'll need to buy come canning season.  Pretty much all I'll need to buy are the flat lids.  If I decide to make more than one batch of jam I'll also need more pectin.

I worked and re-worked my June grocery list, fine tuning it until I had it just right.  I will now be able to get my pantry well stocked and we'll be enjoying some great meals throughout the month. 

How did your thrifty week go last week?

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