Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I checked the ads online on Sunday morning and found nothing to entice me to shop this week.

My friend gave me her coupons out of the Sunday paper and I was able to clip a few I would use.

The only grocery shopping I did was at the corner market.  I stopped on the way home from work to buy a gallon of milk for $1.88 and a dozen eggs for 98¢.  It was part of their weekly store promotion if you used your store reward points.

I reorganized the toiletry bin underneath the bathroom sink and took an inventory of what we have.  Still looking good, except we are low on toothpaste.  I'll be looking for a sale to go with the coupons I have.

On a less than thrifty note we had some food waste.  A carton of sour cream with a little bit left in it didn't get used up in time and got moldy as did a good sized amount of cream cheese that was forgotten about.  I really don't like when that happens.

I filled our propane tank once again for 99¢ a gallon.

Instead of going out to dinner Friday night I stopped at the deli and picked up a fried chicken for $6.99 plus a bag of salad mix for 88¢ and we ate at home.  I used funds from our entertainment/dining budget for this purchase.

I watched a couple shows on Amazon and one on Hulu - Season premiere of Suits - Whoo hooo!

We pulled our Phantom Of The Opera DVD out and enjoyed a Family Movie Nite. 

How did your thrifty week go?


  1. We ate at home all week again!
    I did a lot of bulk cooking, and now our freezer is full of ~5 different types of meals.
    I cooked several things in the oven at once.
    We drank coffee at home.
    We took the dog to the dog park instead of doggie day care.
    We took lots of walks again, still not joining a gym.
    We watched a free Redbox movie.

    Go us!


    1. A gym membership would be a total waste for me. I know myself well enough that I just wouldn't go enough to make it worth it. Great job on all the thrifty ways you saved last week!

  2. Good week! Nice score on the milk and eggs- and the propane!!
    As for the toothpaste, if you have inserts from last week's Sunday paper there is a coupon in there for one dollar off of Colgate toothpaste (although I know some areas are different from others.) I took that coupon and went to Dollar Tree and got a stand up jar of Colgate toothpaste (not the tube kind) for free with the coupon! :)

    1. I did get one and I'm going to that too. Thanks for tip! I love free stuff!


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