Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The $1 Designer Purse

Remember this bag of miscellaneous junk we bought?
So is anybody wondering what happened to the Kate Spade designer purse and wallet we got in our $1 all you can stuff in a bag deal?  I washed it.

Lots of projects!
First I laid it out in the kitchen sink and sprayed it thoroughly with Spray & Wash and let it soak a bit.

Then I scrubbed it with a soft bristled brush before I hosed it off with my kitchen sprayer.  The dirt poured off of it.  I did it again and then when I rinsed it the water ran clear. 

On a kitchen towel I laid it all out to dry and guess what?  It is just like new.  Smells good too.

Voile! Turned out amazing.


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