Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Lace Trimmed Tablecloth

I have seen several sweet and simple lace trimmed white tablecloths in antique shops and on old antique tables in museums.  It was important to me to add one of my own to my linen supply for my future home.  I want to add that same touch of nostalgia.

Wanting a square tablecloth I began by cutting a piece of white muslin from the yardage I had bought on sale over the 4th of July weekend.  It was 44" wide (I measured it to be sure) so I cut it 44" long making sure the ends were cut nice and even.  It made the perfect size square tablecloth.

In my stash of trims and laces I had some pretty 2 1/2" wide flat lace that I thought would be perfect to finish it with.

First I pressed all the edges at 1/4".

Then I pressed it again going all the way around another 1/4" to make a neat and clean hem.

I pinned the lace along the edge and then top stitched it in place and finished the hem.

It was super easy to make and because I already had the lace and had bought the fabric on sale ($1.99 a yard plus an additional 20% OFF) I figure this tablecloth cost me less than $2.50.  That makes it a very thrifty little project.

For now I'll be putting this away with all the other little treasures I have made.  It will be so much fun when I finally get to use it.

Now to find the perfect little kitchen table to put it on.  


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