Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Latest Thrift Store Finds

It has been quite awhile since I've been able to spend a day treasure shopping.  But that is exactly what the youngest and I did a couple Sundays ago and boy did we have a great time.  We even stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant, something we haven't done in ages either, midway through our day.  It was a great mommy daughter date.

At our first stop we found a bunch of really good stuff.  I love to collect vintage canning jars and I have several I use in the pantry for storing nuts, pasta, rice and dry beans.  I found three vintage quart jars and two Canadian Jewel pint jars.  I hadn't seen the Canadian jars before but and at 29¢ each I didn’t want to pass them up.

Now I need some help from my Canadian readers.  Can I still get lids for these?  If so, how do I get them?

I was thrilled when my daughter spotted a set of 5 vintage Pyrex custard cups.  I have been looking for these for ages.  Now I have a set of 4 plus a spare!  Cross that off the list.

We also found these drinking glasses.  There were only 3 and I am hoping to find more as time goes on so I can have a complete set of 4 or 6.  They are pretty and a nice size, I think.  So we'll be on the lookout for more.  J

Next stop yielded this dessert set.  I've wanted one of these for eons.  I like the design as it is not one I've seen before and the price was perfect.  $3.98!!

The next stop was Goodwill.  We found a Taste of Home cookbook and my daughter found a book she's been waiting for forever.  She looks every time we go into a store and this time she finally found it.  Regularly $19.99 (she said it is in her Barnes & Noble cart on backorder for $16.99) and we got it for $1.99.  I paid the same for the cookbook too.  I also grabbed a skein of white yarn for 50¢.

My daughter loves this series

Next store we didn't find another glass to match the others like we hoped but we did find vintage clear glass lamp for $4.98.  Super cute and I wasn't about to pass it up!  Now I'll be on the hunt for the perfect lampshade for it.
This jar dates between 1923 and 1933 - it's my favorite

On the way home we made one final stop.  Again no drinking glass but I did find another vintage quart jar for 59¢.

The Presto & Kerr jars are from the 1950s

We didn't spend a lot but we did have a great time and I have a lot of plans for all the treasures we found.  We got home and got everything washed up and the labels removed.  I used a soft bristled toothbrush to get the dirt out of the crevices in the lamp and it sure does sparkle now.  We tested it and it works too.

I'm in love with this set

Pretty much all of these lovely things will be going into the stash I'm collecting and storing in our hall closet for my future house.  I think you probably have a pretty good idea what the theme for my décor will be.

This little lamp is so sweet

Have you found any great treasures lately?


  1. Yay, great finds!! Love that little lamp.


  2. I love snack sets! A fortune here in antique stores. Good find. I remember when they were used for showers & weddings--when cake, mints, nuts & punch were the only food served! Enjoyable day for sure :)

    1. Thanks. I was sure pleased. And I intend to use them for all kinds of things. Yaay!

  3. Great finds! That little lamp is adorable!

    1. Thank you. Now to find the perfect shade. :)

  4. Great finds.. and happy you and daughter had such a fun day out..
    The lamp is so pretty..Love the serving dish too.

    1. Thanks Judy. I really do like the lamp too.

  5. Great finds! I covet the Pyrex custard dishes. Just goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time; it's all about the experiences and memories.

    1. I looooooove my Pyrex! Those custard dishes were a fun find for me.


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