Thursday, August 25, 2016

Only Four More Months Until Christmas

Are you kidding me?!  How is that even possible?!

Needless to say I am going to have to get my rear in gear.  I haven't really done anything to get ready  in the past month and I have a lot to do.  At least I have a list!  Ha, ha!

I have pajamas to make, a couple other gifts to get started and quite a few things to order.  Eek!

What I do have is a start on our annual letter, the cards I plan to send out, all of our gift wrap, gift bags (we need tissue paper), tape and ribbon.

I do have a handful of gifts in my closet, but not nearly what I was hoping to have by now. Time to kick it up a notch, I'm afraid.  It will be here before we no it.

How about you?  Any progress?


  1. I have been making gifts for a few months so I have some finished, but have more to make. I also have bought several things all year long so I have a great start to my gift list.

    1. Good job Anne. I'm usually much more ahead of the game by now. I'll get caught up. :)

  2. I have a small stash of gifts awaiting, but really not close to what I want to have accomplished. Thanks for the reminder that it's only 4 months away!!

  3. I usually hold out until November to start Christmas shopping because I'm always hoping that this will be the year we do a Secret Santa or agree to only buy gifts for the kids. We did it two Christmas's and it was great, but I think we were the only ones that liked it. It's funny because the relatives that are most strapped for money (in their 50's and still receiving money from the bank of mom and dad) and in an enormous amount of debt are the ones that insisted we all buy gifts for everyone.


    1. Funny how that is, isn't it? Those that least can afford to do something... Boggles my mind, but I'm uncomfortable carrying debt anyway and it make me uneasy to spend frivolously when I owe money. Here's hoping for a budget friendly holiday!


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