Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Breakfast Cereal

As I mentioned in a previous post we are on a mission to consume less sugar.  One of the key good items we have focused some serious attention is cereal.  We happen to really enjoy cereal, but it is loaded with sugar, sodium and a lot of preservatives.  We want to eat a lot less sugar and salt than what we have been in the past, plus we want to stop eating all those stinking preservatives.  It is really hard to get away from those.

At the first of the year we stopped buying cold cereal altogether.  Instead we ate oatmeal and homemade granola made with low sugar, no salt and whole ingredients.  We also enjoyed pancakes and waffles made from scratch, a variety of egg dishes from our farm fresh eggs, more fruit and homemade yogurt made with less sugar, no salt and whole milk.

When summer hit I decided to go down the cereal aisle at the grocery store and really investigate those colorful boxes lining the shelves.  To meet my criteria of what constitutes a healthy breakfast cereal meant slim pickings.

There is a lot of stuff in that stuff!

We have narrowed it down to basically All-Bran, plain shredded wheat, basic cheerios, rice krispies and corn flakes.  Then we spruce it up.

Most of the time we like to mix two or three cereals together and then top it with some fresh or frozen berries, maybe a little diced banana or some sliced canned peaches.  Sometimes we even mix those up too.  We don't add any sugar either and guess what?  It is pretty darn tasty!

It is always nice to have some variety.  Now we have more choices for a healthier breakfast.

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