Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Little Victrola

In my Amazon wish list sits a sweet little Victrola stereo.  Old timey with modern touches such as a CD player and Bluetooth capability.  It even has a turntable for the few LP vinyl records I kept from my teen years and of course a radio.  No remote, you actually have to get up to change the volume, turn the dial for different radio stations and power it off.

I love to listen to music and thought this stereo would be perfect in my future home.  It has been sitting there for quite some time now, well over a year easily.  Well, not anymore.  As a friend told me last night "patience once again has paid off".

At Amazon the lowest I've seen this stereo was $99.99, which I thought was pretty good.  Last week I got the big ShopKo ad in the mail and after letting it sit around the house for several days I finally took a look at it.  Sure g.lad I did.

The same little stereo was on sale for $79.88!  So the youngest and I headed over there on Sunday only to discover they were sold out.  Figures.  I was bummed, but they said they were getting more and the sale is good until the 16th so I had time. 

I grabbed a couple bath towels on sale for $3.48 each to add to the stash I have for the new home and headed to the register.  After paying for the two towels a coupon spit out for $10 OFF on a $50 purchase!  Holy cow!

Tuesday, right after work, I headed over to ShopKo with my coupon and picked up my new Victrola for a whopping $69.99!  I was thrilled!  Once I got it home the youngest quickly had it out of the box so we could check it out.  It's adorable!

We got the Bluetooth set up to my Kindle and I've been playing Glenn Miller on it ever since.  Seems fitting don't you think?  I've been absolutely giddy, like a little kid at Christmastime.  I will thoroughly enjoy this little stereo for many, many years to come.


  1. Oh my gosh- I love it!! And I could listen to Glenn Miller all day. :) My great-aunt used to have a victrola in her parlor and she had lots of records that I used to love listening to when I'd stay with her- operas, classical, old time big band music, musical soundtracks... so so many different types of music. I have such amazing memories of those times. :)
    I wonder if the Shopko out here would have this?
    I am so happy for you that you got something you wanted so much- and you got a wonderful deal on it too! :)

    1. My grandpa loved big band swing and jazz so I grew up with it. It definitely brings back the memories. I love it.

  2. Yay! My daughter has a record player/radio like that too, she has a huge record collection.


    1. I'm tickled pink to finally have this. So exciting. :)


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