Monday, October 3, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I wish I knew where this was.  I'd love to visit.

Holy cow it's October!  Did your September go by in a blur?  Mine sure did.

Sunday I spring cleaned our living room, dining room and down the hallway.  I moved furniture, bopped cobwebs, washed curtains and windows, washed walls and baseboards, polished furniture and vacuumed.  You name it, I did it.  And it looks so nice.  I always love how good it feels to sit in a nice freshly cleaned and uncluttered space.

I polished my leather work shoes and then sprayed them with a leather protector so they will better handle the wet weather once it arrives.  Yep, it’s that time of year again I'm afraid.

On the way to pick my daughter up from school Monday I made a quick trip into Albertson's for milk and to pick up some vegetable oil they had on sale.  I found two packages of turkey sausage and another package of Canadian bacon for pizza on markdown.

Monday evening I finished sewing a set of cloth napkins I had cut out a couple weeks ago.  I used muslin I had bought on sale for $1.99 a yard and some vintage trim in my stash to decorate them.  I really love how they turned out.

After work on Tuesday I took a bunch of coupons I had collected into JoAnn's and used them to purchase several pieces of fabric and four of their nice T-shirts for crafting.  I have plenty of supplies now to make quite a few Christmas gifts on my list and I only spent $26!

After the fabric store I made another quick trip to Fred Meyer, since they are close by, for canned tomatoes and flavored coffee creamer they had on sale.  I don't typically use creamer in my coffee, but for some reason I do enjoy it at the holidays and I like to have it for guests that come over.

The vanilla caramel is really good

Thursday evening I used coupons I received in the mail to take the girls to Burger King for a hamburger.  They have their 10 pc chicken nuggets on for $1.49 so we threw in an order of those as well.  This meal out I managed to fill up two hungry teens and myself for $11.  Quite a bargain.  My only wish is that they didn't put so much salt in their food, but every once in awhile I guess it won't hurt us.

I took Friday off from work to spend the day by myself.  Can I say, it was a slice of pure heaven!  I got up at my regular time of 5:00 am and saw the girls off to school.  Then I sewed nonstop until nearly noon and finished up three good sized projects I had going.  After that I pulled out all the gifts I had been working on lately and got them all wrapped up.  I've got all of the girls birthday gifts ready and most of the Christmas gifts done.

I cleaned up my mess and reorganized my gift wrap and sewing stuff after that.  Even snuck in some lunch.  I am thrilled now to see the sewing project pile is dwindling down and I have space showing on my sewing table.  The drawers and totes filled with sewing supplies are beginning to thin down too.  Progress is being made!

I poured myself a glass of wine, patted myself on the back and settled into my recliner right as the girls were walking through the door just before 4:00 that afternoon.  It was a day well spent and thoroughly enjoyed.

I got another packet of coupons in the mail.

We stuck to our meal plan this week and enjoyed plenty of good healthy meals and lots of leftovers for lunches.  We fed our kitchen scraps to the chickens, although this week there weren't many.

The chickens are molting now so their egg production has dwindled quite a bit.  I'm hoping they'll provide enough eggs that I won't have to buy any at the store, but we shall see.  It won't be the end of the world if I have to buy eggs, it will just feel like it.  Ha, ha.

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a family outing.  A historical field trip, if you will.  I'll be telling you more about that in an upcoming post.  Afterwards we went over to our friends house to watch the BSU game and eat chili.  I took a pan of homemade whole wheat cornbread.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. It is so nice to have a day to oneself. You got a lot done. I'm always impressed with the grocery deals you find. Our stores out here( at least where I am) don't do markdowns like that. Not sure where it goes but it's too bad.

    1. I love that our stores are great about markdowns so less food ends up going to waste.

  2. I noticed Boise State is in the top 25 of the AP college ball list. (So is Colorado...for the first time in years!)

    The Brick and I LOVE college football. That's what we get, for going to the University of Michigan, where it was practically a religion. (And yes, Michigan's at #4.)

    A little time to yourself helps so much. I hope to have some soon, but must teach for a week at the John Campbell School of Folk Art first. (Plus get a boatload of smaller jobs done before leaving for NC.) I trudge along...

    1. Those days alone are few and far between but very much appreciated when I finally get one. Yeah, one of the announcers Sat said we are the "winningest" college team of the past 10 years. How about that? We are pretty proud of our team.

  3. I cannot believe you've almost got your Christmas shopping done! I love days like that... playing hooky from work always makes it feel that much better too :o)


    1. I have to admit I shocked myself. I was just wrapping away and got so excited. Ha! :)

  4. I see we are old rivals....LOL! I'm a University of Idaho alumni. :) You got a lot done and I love those napkins. :)

  5. A Vandal! When I was in college yes we were. That's great! I was a little busy, but you always put me to shame. You amaze me lady. :)

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