Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

We finally got rain!  Hurray!

Sunday I headed off to Gordman's with a 20% OFF coupon to pick up one of the two items left on my Christmas shopping list.  Only one more gift to go!

The dollar store is next door Gordman's so I walked over and picked up a few items on my list.  Toothbrushes, fabric softener and marbles to put in a quart jar kerosene lamp I put together a couple months ago.  While there I found the perfect item for my youngest so I snapped it up to put in my stocking stuffer stash.

Then I walked next door to Alberston's to pick up 8 cans of my girls favorite clam chowder on sale for 99¢ a can.  I had printed two online coupons for $1 OFF four cans making the final cost of the soup 74¢ a can.  In order to get the sales price I had to buy ten items so to make ten I also picked up two tubs of frosting for the baking box at 99¢ each.  Total spent $7.90.

I used label stock I had to make these labels for my big batch of apple butter

I received two free $25 restaurant gift cards in the mail.  I earned both of them by participating in a healthy lifestyle challenge sponsored by our health insurance company.  I also received a $25 Visa card for participating in a health screening at work.

I did my big shop this week and dragged my oldest along with me to help.  Surprisingly, she actually had a pretty good time grocery shopping with her mom.  She was also impressed with the deals we found and the coupons we used to shave off a ton of money at the checkout.  She was especially impressed at Albertson's when the total went from $39 to under $18.

I had coupons which saved me $2 on a veggie tray as well as 45¢ on a bag of spinach.  I didn't want to pass up more pasta at 49¢ a box (6), potato sides for 69¢ a package (8) and a dozen noodle snacks for 20¢ each.  Buying those cups of noodles made me a hero.  My girls love those things.

At Fred Meyer we found several items on markdown including a 2# block of organic medium cheddar for $5.  Broccoli florets, a spinach salad and guacamole were marked down 99¢ each.  I love when I can find these things so inexpensively and we can enjoy a few extras.

Saturday our day was devoted to high school marching band competition at BSU.  The weather was perfect and we had an amazing time.  Of course, I had my proud mommy moments watching my oldest girl marching out on the field.  They did a superb job.

I laminated a sliver of bar soap to a new bar so we can easily use it up.

I washed out a couple Ziploc bags to reuse.

We gave our kitchen scraps to the chickens.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. You got some good deals! I can never find frosting that cheap. The lowest I ever see it go is $1.50.

    1. I usually make my own but for that price I figured its nice to have on hand. :)

  2. You got all that for under $18? Dang you rock!

    1. Just the stuff from Albertson's. Totally blew my daughter away! There is some stuff from Fred Meyer in that picture too. :)

  3. You did great on those deals! I'm with your daughters on the clam chowder, that is my favorite brand too and I stock up when they are on sale. ;) Your daughters are both so beautiful and you have every right to be proud of them. Be blessed!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie. I am so very blessed having my daughters. They are the light of my life. :0)


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