Tuesday, October 11, 2016

About A Picnic Basket - Part V

Would you believe my grandmother's wedding dress was also inside this basket!  I nearly flipped when I came across it.  I'd seen pictures of her wearing it but I had no idea where it was or if it even still existed.

Needless to say it is rather old and extremely fragile.  The satin itself is rather crispy for lack of a better word.

Her veil is long gone, but the little head piece it had been attached to was there.  Also a small piece of the lace insert and ruffled neckline from the bodice.  It was amazing for me to see this.  I knew it was important to her and I knew she knew I'd appreciate it and take care of it.

She had also put in the patterns her mother had used to make the dress.  1940s patterns were quite different than patterns are today.  The tissue pieces have no markings on them whatsoever.  Good Lord!  I don't think I could sew well at all with pattern pieces like that.

As a teenager my grandmother was a dancer and performed in many recitals and dance ensembles.  Two of the patterns my great-grandmother used to make her costumes were tucked inside with the wedding patterns too.

My plans for the patterns are to frame them and hang them up in my sewing area.  I hope to incorporate the portion of lace and the headpiece to her veil as well.  I'll be hunting for the perfect frames or shadow boxes for that project.

My grandparents made a very handsome couple

The remains of her dress will be carefully stored.  I'll probably look for a special box or make something to keep it in.  I'm not quite sure yet.

So how about that?  Would you have ever guessed there was a wedding dress inside of here?


  1. I wonder if you could take the dress to someone who restores old clothing... is there even such a person?! I do know they make acid free boxes for wedding dresses.

    I love those patterns they are so pretty!


    1. I think it is beyond hope at this point. It is pretty crispy. Maybe if it had always been stored in an acid free box then maybe it would have faired better. :( The patterns are really cool.

  2. I love these posts about your grandmother's basket! Honestly, I believe she would be so proud of you and her heart would be singing knowing how you lovingly share these pieces of her life with your readers. Those patterns make me smile cause I can recall so many old movies with actresses wearing those types of dance costumes. Beautiful wedding dress and, yes, they are a beautiful couple! What treasures!! :)

    1. Awww Dawn that is so sweet of you to say. I have to say I've really enjoyed sharing this basket with everyone.


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