Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Only Two More Months Until Christmas

Halloween is next week!  Unbelievable isn't it?  Our home is decorated for fall with a few Halloween decorations here and there and somehow that seems to have spurred me into action this past month.

I took a day off of work at the end of September so I could sew while the girls were in school.  I managed to get all the sewing I had planned to do for them finished as well as another gift project I was working on.  I was thrilled about that.

While shopping at ShopKo I received a $10 OFF a $10 purchase coupon.  I used it to buy the girls each an extra gift for free.  That made me super duper happy! 

I have only one more gift to purchase for my youngest and I will be officially finished with Christmas shopping.  The last one I'm holding out on as I hope to get for a good price on Cyber Monday so I'm going to wait.  The only other gifts I plan to make are food related and that will happen closer to the actual day.  But in the meantime I'm taking advantage of sales and coupons to restock the baking box.

All of the gifts I've acquired or made have been wrapped and tagged, ready to go under the tree when we set it up.  In the meantime they will reside on the top shelf of my bedroom closet.

I made a trip to the liquor store to grab a bottle of gin and a bottle of vodka to restock the liquor cabinet.  The vodka will be used for blueberry martinis and cosmopolitans.  Next month I plan to pick up a bottle of Bailey's Irish Crème and I think a bottle of Kalhua.

After making a huge dent in the Christmas project list I feel like I am not only caught up but ahead of schedule.  What a relief it is to know the biggest chunk of the preparations are complete.

How are your preparations coming along?


  1. How are my preparations coming along??? Pfftt!!! I haven't even started! You make all the rest of us look like big slackers!!


    1. Yeah, well my back deck looks atrocious compared with your beautiful patio. I'd say you are no slacker! :)

  2. Oh my... I am so jealous..lol I have not done anything.. But, I am determined to make my list of ideas, and start action on them.. I am also going to make a list of the foods I will be preparing and getting recipes together..
    I do have a few sewing projects I want to do.. Time to get started for sure.
    I love/love the little figurines . so cute..
    So happy for you, that you have gotten so much done.

    1. Thank you Judy. My next project is the goodie list and shopping for groceries for holiday baking as well as meals and snacks throughout. That is my favorite part. All the cooking and baking. Good luck with all of your preparations! :0)

  3. You are doing great! I'm trying to get things done too. We are doing mainly homemade gifts here and I need to get busy on some Christmas Wreaths that I will give to our children early so they can enjoy them this holiday season. :) BTW, I love those figurines in the top photo...they take me back to my childhood. :) Be blessed!

    1. I saw that pic in my clip art and thought it was pretty sweet. We don't do a lot of gifts at Christmas and I like to do a lot of homemade ones too. Take care Debbie!

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