Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I don't feel like I really did a whole lot of thrifty things last week.  The time whizzed by so quickly and before I knew it the weeks was over!

I did do some grocery shopping throughout the week to get a few items as I was out and about picking up the kiddos.  I actually got a jumpstart on October as the sales were pretty darn good.  In fact, I bought a turkey breast on sale at Albertson's for 99¢ a pound so Thanksgiving dinner is in the freezer!  I am super excited about that.

I didn't have a lot of time for projects around the house, just the usual housework.

I washed out a couple Ziploc bags to reuse.

I worked a couple hours of overtime.

I used my Fred Meyer rewards card to save some $$ when I filled up the gas tank on my car.

We gave our kitchen scraps to the hens and composted the usual items.  I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how well everything has been breaking down in the new bin we built last summer.  I think the dang thing works!

The weather was nice all week so we didn't need any heat the fireplace stayed off.  We got a little bit of rain on Saturday, but then the sun came out and warmed everything up quite nicely.

That was pretty much all of it.  Not a very exciting post I'm afraid, but sometimes that is just how it is.  How was your thrifty week?


  1. I started cutting out a rag quilt for one daughter. I got about 25% done this weekend so I am happy with that. If I can manage at this rate then I hope to have it finished by the 25th of this month. Then it is on to my other daughter's quilt.

    We meal planned this weekend. It has already taken some stress off of me. I will stop at the grocery store on my way home today for just items needed to complete our plan. I am hoping this allows me to control our food budget better. As I recently told you, I keep going over and I can't keep doing that. Getting overtime isn't an option for me so I have to make the money I have work out.

    1. I am really impressed with your progress on those quilts. I bet you can do it and be done by the 25th. Sewjo! Sewjo!

      I can't wait to hear how your meal plan works out!

  2. You know the little things just add up!

  3. I rinsed out my dishw detergent bottle & finally recycled it. Finally threw away a cut open toothpaste tube. Washed too many ziplocs to count. Finished 33qts of applesauce for the freezer. Cleaned out the freezer to make room for applesauce. 2 windowsills in kitchen has green tomatoes lined up so pretty. It was me or the bugs... Took 1 bag to SA. I have started my cleaning out the basement. And I just started my 5 week of 4 days of week being vegan. I'm attempting my goal of losing some weight. This is probably too long....

    1. Oh wow, holy cow! Very, very impressive. Keep it up and I love to hear about it!

  4. You had a good week for food bargains. I spent about $25 on food and my friend often gets food I send to him.

    1. I think I did too. Although, I like your total much better! ;)


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