Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meals We Prepped #9

My meal plan this past week was pretty simple again.  I started off on Sunday morning by taking out the meat from the freezer to thaw and then heading off to Albertson's to do my grocery shopping since I had a very full Saturday and didn't want to add grocery shopping to the schedule too.

I didn't start prepping until I was ready to make supper that evening and it worked out just fine.  By the time dinner was ready to eat all of my prepping for the week was finished as well.  I cooked a large pot of rice and a pot of linguine.  Once the pasta was cooked and drained I put on some sausages to cook up for Sausages & Peppers with pasta.

While the sausages simmered on the stove I chopped up some ham for Fried Rice and also sliced up some very thin for sandwiches.  I decided the rest of the week was simple enough to finish up as meals were prepared.

Sunday - We enjoyed the Sausages and Peppers with linguine and a salad.

Fried rice with egg drop soup

Fried rice with hot & sour soup

Monday - I took the rice from the refrigerator, sliced up four large mushrooms and a bunch of green onions.  I also julienned a handful of baby carrots.  I put chicken broth in a pan with some of the green onions and soy sauce and allowed that to come up to a simmer while I started a second pan of water for a packet of Hot & Sour soup I had bought at the store.  I put the carrots in the water and once the soup packet was stirred in I added the mushrooms.  My youngest whisked up a few eggs for me while I made the Fried Rice.  We added the eggs into the soups and dinner was ready.

Tuesday - I went to dinner with a friend so the girls heated up leftover Taco Soup from Saturday with cornbread and leftover salad.

Wednesday - My youngest sliced up the two remaining sausages and reheated them with the pasta.  The oldest made a salad while the pasta was in the microwave and I set the parmesan and salad dressing on the table.  I also set the table and dinner was on it in about 10 minutes.

Thursday - My oldest had to march at a football game so I grilled up Ham & Provolone sandwiches for supper.  We had leftover salad and some potato chips on the side.

Friday - The girls and I prepared nachos for supper.  We hadn't had them in quite a while so the girls were very excited about this meal.

Saturday - Saturday was a busy day for us.  I knew we wouldn't have much time for dinner so I put the ham I'd been using at the first of the week into the slow cooker on low.  When we were ready to eat I baked potatoes in the microwave and made a quick salad using salad mix in a bag, cherry tomatoes and a handful of leftover black olives.  Quick, easy and oh so good.

The only meal we didn't prepare from the menu plan was the lemon chicken so I saved those ingredients and we'll be incorporating that meal into this week's plan, most likely.  I really like that Saturday is a free day so I can pretty much prepare whatever based on our schedule.  And as long as we are flexible this meal prepping business really works for us.  I love it!


  1. Great teamwork! And your meals were so yummy without eating the same old thing over and over!

    1. Thanks! My goal is to not have any duplicates on the menu plan for at least six months. We'll see how well I do.

  2. Everything looks so yummy!!

    Enjoy the week, Janie

  3. Great job.. So happy it is working so well for you. The menus look really good. thanks for sharing the photos too.

    1. Me too Judy. I'm really enjoying this, far more than I thought I would.


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