Monday, October 9, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I had to work.  Normally I don't work weekends, but this time I needed to and I was able to do so from home which made it nice.  The overtime on my next check will also be nice.

The week progressed rapidly and was one big blur of going to work picking up kids until Thursday.  Teacher inservice days meant a four day weekend for the girls and no school activities so I got a bit of a break from making lunches and chauffeuring duties.

It might have something to do with up here

Since I was able to come straight home from work on Thursday and Friday I used my evenings to work on some Laverne projects I've been doing.  I'll be sharing updates about my progress so don't worry.  In fact I have an update scheduled for this Thursday.

I completed two health challenges for a program at work and earned a $50 gift card of my choice for my efforts.  Since I'm working on Laverne these days I chose a gift card to Lowes so I can pick up supplies.  I'm pretty excited about that.

I did not do much grocery shopping last week, not even my usual Saturday shop because, honestly, I didn't want to.  How's that for an excuse?  When I stopped at Walmart to pick up RV anti freeze, however, I did grab a gallon of milk to hold us over.  I also grabbed a few items to make a dessert for company coming on Saturday.  If I wasn't stopping there for the antifreeze I probably would've made do with what we had in the pantry.

Bath & Body Works sent me another packet of coupons including one for a free item.

These sizes are perfect for stocking stuffers - and FREE is a great price!

It was warm enough this week that we didn't need to use the fireplace or any other heat to keep the house warm.

That was pretty much the whole of my thrifty week.  How about you?  How was your thrifty week?


  1. Lots of little things adding up to a thrifty week...packing more for work lunches, vacation days so little or no driving, selling more to spend some of preventative home maintenance...

    1. Preventative maintenance is always a wise investment. Good job Kelley!

    2. I have so very much to catch up on around here...


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