Monday, November 11, 2019

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I was in full on project mode and I couldn't have been any happier if I tried.  I must have climbed up and down my new ladder at least a hundred times getting the trim up, caulking and then painting it all.  By the time I was ready for bed I could really see the room transforming and I was thrilled.

I needed to wait for the paint to dry and cure a couple of days before I masked it off and got ready for the next phase of this renovation.  Since I hadn't gone grocery shopping for a couple of weeks I decided to do that Monday evening.  First I stopped by and visited with some friends who lent me their very nice carpet cleaner saving me the cost of renting one or buying one of my own.  After that I went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries and found myself in the bedding department where I found exactly what I wanted for the new bedroom.  I also found curtains.  Yay!!  On the way home I stopped at the Grocery Outlet to pick up a few items they had on sale for my daughter's school lunches and then I was home.

I picked up quite a few items for Thanksgiving entertaining

I am super excited about the bedding I found for the new room and can hardly wait to put it all together and show it to you guys.  Totally not what I was originally planning to do, but honestly I didn't really have a concrete idea for bedding yet so this worked out so nicely.

I found these at Grocery Outlet priced at 2/$1!!

Tuesday we had unexpected company stop by which derailed my plans to tape off the new trim and get to painting the walls.  Which was fine.  Visiting with friends needs to be a priority.  But Wednesday morning I was up early with a cup of coffee and got myself busy taping until I ran out of tape.  I picked up a new roll on my way home from Home Depot and used my gift card so it didn't cost me anything out of pocket.

The charger arrived in my mailbox Friday!
Also!  Wednesday morning I found something on eBay I've been searching for for a very, very long time.  Several years ago my battery charger for my cordless drill fried itself.  I have hung onto it all this time hoping I'd find a replacement charger and be able to use it once again.  Although it is an older drill it is very nice, works really well and has an extra battery all kept in a nice case.  I can't tell you how many times I've almost donated this thing thinking it was hopeless to expect to find a charger.  Each time I got myself geared up to get rid of it I just couldn't do it and I'd put it back on the shelf.  Well!  Guess what I found?  A charger!!!!  $18.99!  I was so stinking excited I couldn't believe it.  It is on its way and I'll finally be able to charge the batteries and use my cordless drill again.  Yaaaaaay!!!  I know, I'm weird....

Wednesday evening I finished taping the trim in the bedroom and then I painted.  All I can say is...Wow!   Do I ever love it.  I will show you everything tomorrow so you won't have to wait in suspense for long.  Thursday I cleaned the carpet and on Friday I moved everything back in.  My daughter is going to love staying in this room!  I can hardly wait for her to come home and see it.

A huge transformation took place in here!!
Check back tomorrow to see how it all came together

Some of the 15 Minute Chores I accomplished to keep my home in order:

Laundry Room & Half Bathroom - Tided up the laundry room.  Daily swish & swipe.

Dining Room - vacuumed floor.

Kitchen -  vacuumed & wiped down appliances, cleaned the top of the fridge.

Bedrooms & Main Bathroom - vacuumed & dusted.  Washed all of my daughter's bedding.  Scrubbed tub & washed the bath mat.  Shampooed downstairs bedroom carpet.  Daily swish & swipe.

Other - four loads of laundry, vacuumed & dusted living room, hallway & entry.  Swept front porch & garage.  My daughter cleaned the gutters.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. That can of paint with the green dot on it sure has me wondering...can you have painted those walls GREEN?!?
    SO curious to know what you've done!


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