Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Prepper Pantry - Dehydrated & Dried Foods


Since I began prepping in April I have been dehydrating fruits and vegetables on a food dehydrator I purchased on eBay.  I use mesh vegetable bags I saved and cut open to make sheets to cover the trays to keep smaller veggies from falling through the.  I've been able to put up quite a few quart and pint jars filled with peas, onions, carrot, green beans, blueberries, peppers, apple slices, sliced mushrooms, etc.


When I first started dehydrating I used parchment paper
I like using the mesh much better now

I use oxygen absorbers in each jar and label them with the date I packed the jar.  I've been able to use some of these veggies in recipes and I'm really impressed with how well they work in my favorite recipes.  The flavor and consistency is perfect once they are rehydrated too.


Recently I've been adding some powdered food options too that I found on Amazon.  Milk and dairy products have a good long shelf life and I like having them on hand for cooking and baking.  Last month I ordered dry milk and dry buttermilk.  This month I ordered dry cream, dry cheese powder and dry tomato powder.


Dried and dehydrated foods last a very long time.  I plan to get a few new items each month over the next few months.  I think having a variety of items is good and by breaking up the orders it makes it quite affordable for me to do this.



  1. Ova Eggs are one thing I want to try. I have heard good things about them. I can scramble them or use in baking.

  2. I really do prefer the NIdo brand milk over some of the other dried milks I have tried. I also keep powdered buttermilk on hand and have thought about the cheese but never bought it. This might inspire me!

  3. I have dehydrated tomatoes and made my own powder with success. The flavor was very strong. Have you thought about dehydrating cheese and making powder? I haven't tried it yet.


    1. I would love to make my own tomato powder and I'm toying with the idea of doing cheese. Still mulling that one over.


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