Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Bedroom - An Update

I added hooks to the sides of the closets for additional hanging space.
My bedroom now doubles as our family room.  Once I'm dressed for the day and my bed is made then it takes on its other role besides kitty cat napping area.

The girls use it almost daily to do homework and practice their instruments. I set up a computer in there so they can type essays and do projects.  On the weekends they play their computer games on it.  They can also spread out the Monopoly board on the bed for an afternoon of fun.

On more than one occasion I've spread a blanket over the bed, popped a big bowl of popcorn and we've had our family movie night.  The monitor to the computer is pretty good sized so we stick our DVDs in the computer and watch them there.

Awhile back I purchased a wire rack (just like the one I took to the thrift store in preparation of our move - sigh) to hold the monitor, computer games, office supplies and DVDs.  It works great.

I also tucked a small plastic basket on the floor next to the bed to corral shoes.  The black bag is a wine bottle shopping bag and is currently my "liquor cabinet".  Not much in there I'm afraid. L  The space at the foot of my bed is perfect for safely storing my daughter's violin and a box of jars filled with homemade jam.

R-L. Basket of shoes, bag of booze, bin of extra office supplies.
I've added hooks to hang my sweaters and purse up on and extend my closet space a little.  The cupboard above the bed holds spare sheets and our collection of games.  I'm very happy to report it is not crammed full.  None of our cupboards are really, except for maybe the pantry.

It helps enormously having the area underneath the bed all storage too.  I put items in there that we don't need very often and, surprisingly, it isn't crammed full either.  Yay! 

There you go.  A mini update.  Thanks for stopping by!

Reality check - Most of the time it looks like the pictures above.
Sometimes it looks like this.


  1. BTW, when I clicked on your blog name where you left a comment on my blog, it took me to your blogger profile, but there was no link to your blog there. You might consider looking into that, as you might get more views / comments if that link was easier. Then I realised I'd not added you to my bloglist...I was sure I had. But I have now (I think). PS I do wish everyone's codes were just numbers...much easier to decipher. Did you have a choice in that?

    1. I had a hard time leaving a comment with my URL on your blog and that may be why it didn't link properly. Not sure. So glad you were persistent. As far as a choice on the numbers, afraid not. I tried going without it altogether and unfortunately after only a couple of weeks got inundated with spam.


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