Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines & Cards

Last year I made my daughter's Valentines on the computer.  I used a business card template to make them with, printed them out and cut them.  We then glued a hard candy to each one. 

My oldest is now in middle school so she no longer will need any.  Since the youngest is at a new school I am totally cheating and using the same ones we made up for last year saving me the trouble of creating new ones.  All we have to do is print them out, cut them and glue on a candy.  Mission accomplished.
Printed out on white cardstock
Cut to size
My Valentine greeting cards are going to be a simple affair this year.  I took white cardstock and cut it in half.  Folded that in half, cut a heart out of pink paper and glued it to the front of the card.  Then I wrote a note inside each one and got them ready to mail using invitation envelopes I bought last year.  I got 100 of them for $6.

Every year we exchange "a little something".  I mean little too.  We don’t need a lot of sweets and after the Christmas season the girls are usually trying to accumulate cash as opposed to spend it.

I will usually make heart shaped sugar cookies and get them a truffle heart from Walgreens.  This year I had a coupon and got them each a truffle heart for 39¢ each.  

This is what we did last year and the year before.

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