Thursday, February 6, 2014

Six Months In

Laundry hangs to dry.
January turned out to be fairly uneventful, thankfully.  We were back to our normal weather and temperatures, apparently our frozen tundra weather decided to head east.  Sorry guys.  We've had our typical dreary inversion but finally the skies parted and the sun came out.

We have had no issues with water pipes or holding tanks, knock on wood, and it has even been warm enough on a couple of occasions when the sun was out to turn the heat off for a few hours.  I would like to see more days like that, but patience, they will be here soon enough.

As always I am looking for ways to be better organized and to live with less stuff.  I dropped off some donations to a local thrift store and then promptly came home and after another organizing project I have another load to take in.

The girls and I spent about an hour organizing our section of the landlady's shed, the back of our pickup and the trunk of my car which serve as our storage.  Happily I managed to clear out a considerable amount from the back of the pickup and trunk of the car.  The shed is also lighter.

One thing that did happen a couple weeks ago was the refrigerator stopped running again.  I think I was prepared for that.  This time there was the distinctive ammonia smell signaling that the cooling unit has died. 

Funny though, I was sitting at the table doing some work when it croaked and I got a strong whiff of ammonia.  I immediately began searching for the source of the smell and was about to accuse the kitties of having an accident when I discovered where it was coming from.  I opened the vents and we all went outside until it cleared.  Now we are back to using the fridge like a great big cooler.  I stepped up my efforts to get that little freezer I've been considering so we can freeze ice until I can afford to have it repaired or replaced.  I don't want to put it on a credit card so I'll be saving up my pennies until I can afford to pay cash.

For the most part life continues on, business as usual.  I do a load of laundry nearly every day.  I fight the temptation to buy something I really don't need.  I look for ways to purge, condense and streamline things.  But, most importantly, I am very satisfied living with less.

The other day I was contemplating the day we will undoubtedly move out and into another home or maybe an apartment and it made me really sad.  The thought of missing my tiny home almost made me cry.  I'm really glad I don't have to do that for awhile.  Hopefully a long while. 

The best part of this venture is that I am truly content and happy.


  1. Contentment is good, I think even better than 'happiness' which seems to be a rollercoaster ride. Contentment seems to me more attainable and more stable (or maybe it's just a sign of age!). I'm fascinated at your living in your RV (have I got that right?). We have used ours for months at a time, but I've never considered ditching everything and making it full time - that's a big step! Congratulations on making that work.

    1. Yes, we are currently full time RV dwellers and we love it. Amazingly not as big of an adjustment as I initially thought it might be. My biggest issue has been downsizing our food storage. I used to have a huge pantry, two refrigerators and a deep freeze, plus the overflow in a cabinet and my bedroom closet. Bit ridiculous now that I think about it.


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