Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Mother/Daughter Day

This past Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, I decided to make an extra special day for us.  I decided it was past time for a Mother/Daughter Day.  After several busy and hectic weeks we all were in need of some time spent together.  So what do girls do?  They head to the mall.

We went to several stores to shop for a few items the girls would need for summer.  The youngest needed shorts and the oldest needed tops.  The first few stores we stopped at the girls were shocked at the prices on things and refused to look much or try anything on.  My oldest nearly went into a fit when she picked up a cute little jean skirt to show her sister and found it was $38.  I had to admit that prices seemed to have sky rocketed quite a bit since we shopped for things last summer and they apparently remembered that as well.  Frankly, I was quite impressed.

A mall excursion doesn't have to be overly expensive, however, if you are careful.  I told them to keep their eyes out for sales signs and soon enough we found some.  At The Children's Store we were able to get the youngest two pair of shorts and a cute skirt and top for $32.  I like The Children's Store a lot for kids clothes because they hold up well and they are styles I deem appropriate for children.

Justice is a teen store that my oldest likes but the last time we were there the prices were exorbitant and I didn't find anything I thought was appropriate for her to wear.  A little too skimpy.  This time was significantly different.  They were have a huge sale and the items in the store seemed much more appropriate for a young lady to be wearing.  She found four camisole tops with the built in bras that will be perfect for summer but also quite usable underneath other tops next year at school.  We bought a red, pink, blue and a white one.  Not only did this accomplish our goal but it also has saved me the need to purchase any new bras for her for awhile.  Bonus! Her purchase came in at $30.  I was really happy about that.

In between stores we stopped at the Food Court and I bought the girls each a soda at McDonalds for $1 each.  We also stopped in at Bath and Body Works and sampled a couple new lotions they had.  Now I have a good idea for a birthday gift for my oldest as she found a lotion she just loves.

Once done at the mall we used one of our $10 gift cards we were given at Christmas and went to Red Robin for a late lunch.  They ordered from the kid's menu, their portions are quite generous, and I had a bowl of tortilla soup and salad.  The soup was wonderful.  Our lunch was only $15 out of pocket including a nice tip for our awesome waitress.

On the way home the girls did some Christmas shopping at Harbor Freight using three more of our free item coupons.  Total cost $0.  Once home we assembled all the items we've been collecting in a bucket.  We've amassed quite an impressive collection. 

We played scrabble for awhile before ending our evening with a quick snack and settling in to snuggle and watch Forrest Gump.  It was a perfect way to end a terrific day.


  1. Good deals. Love clearance and sales esp. On clothes. Do you have three daughters. I thought you had two. Also what store is Harbor Freight. Sounds like a fun day. Do you have fun things planned for summer.

    1. Just the two girls. Harbor Freight is a hardware store. We had a great day and are in the planning stage of our summer. We've got a few ideas already. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your comments. I always appreciate it so much! :)

  2. Isn't it sad that retailers seem to be trying to make a whole generation of trashy girls?? I have been absolutely appalled by some things that are sold for teens and preteens. Modesty is a thing of the past.

    Your day sounded lovely.

    1. It really does amaze me what they sell for kids clothes in some stores. I refuse to buy. Modesty and dress codes are in vogue in my house.

  3. How fun! I cant wait until my lil girl is old enough to have a girls shopping day with me!
    You are a really good mom. I have seen the things that young girls wear and the immodest little clothes that stores sell to them. I always wonder if their parents know what they are wearing when they walk out their front door and then I think about my own daughter and say, "Not as long as she's under my roof will she wear something like that!" I think young girls should look like young girls and not dress to draw attention. Being stylish is one thing but being hoochy is another.
    Well done on the shopping picks, Mama! Sounds like you had a great day! :)

    1. I'm with you. No hoochy at our house either. We really had a ball!


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