Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breakfast - A Repost

I originally posted this well over a year ago but thought it might be worthy of another go around.  Sometimes we just need a little inspiration.

Here goes….

I am often asked what do I serve my family for breakfast?  Well, lots of things.

And as you might expect most of those things are made from scratch with a high focus on good nutrition.  In the winter I like to serve a hot breakfast as often as possible and in the summer we tend to eat more cold cereal.

Sunday breakfasts are always special.  We eat later in the morning and have a larger meal so it is more or less a brunch.  We eat our supper early so I only serve two meals on Sundays.  A light snack midway in between is often served as well.

So what is usually on the menu during the week?  Typically you will find:

Whole wheat waffles or pancakes with butter and homemade syrup.  Sometimes I add frozen blueberries or raspberries and on special occasions chocolate chips.

French toast with homemade syrup or jam.

Whole wheat muffins of all types of varieties – zucchini, banana, blueberry, raspberry, spice, bran, corn, pumpkin, etc.  I also offer up butter and homemade jam or jelly.

Homemade biscuits or cornbread with butter and homemade jelly or homemade country gravy.

Toasted English muffins or homemade English muffin bread with butter and homemade jam or jelly.

Toasted homemade whole wheat, cinnamon swirl, oatmeal & honey or rye bread with butter, jelly and/or peanut butter.

Homemade coffee cake or Kuchen.

Homemade cinnamon rolls.

Homemade banana bread, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, applesauce bread, raisin bread, Friendship bread, etc.

A variety of homemade granolas with All-Bran added to it for extra fiber.

Oatmeal cooked in a variety of ways – maple & brown sugar, raisin and spice, pumpkin, banana, etc.

Baked rice custard topped with maple syrup.

Cold cereal (purchased on sale and with a coupon).  I usually take a sweetened cereal and mix it half and half with a non sweetened cereal like Chex, Cherrios, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Total, etc. for the kids.

Scrambled, fried, poached or hard boiled eggs.

Omelets or quiche.

I try to take one of these items and pair it with a nutritious side like fruit juice or milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh or canned fruit, fresh fruit salad or compote, berries, and sliced oranges.

This year we have decided to cut down on our dairy and meat consumption and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  We are trying to enjoy smaller portions of what has typically been our main dishes and larger portions of the more nutritious fresh foods.  As a result we are all noticing that we feel better and seem to have more energy. 

So this is what I serve for breakfast at our house.  What is the usual fare at your table in the morning?


  1. Our typical breakfast around here is TOAST! We have it at least twice a week. When I was a kid I always was nuts about bread and butter of any kind- I especially liked toast. If someone told me I had to live off of bread and water for the rest of my life I would say "Sure. Can I just have some butter to go with that and I'll be fine." Anyway, as much as I liked toast my family did serve a variety of healthy breakfasts when I was a kid. As my kids are growing up now I serve a variety of breakfasts also- even though they ask me for toast every single morning (genes are weird, aren't they?)
    Aside from toast, we have oatmeal (made it this morning), French toast, bagels, eggs (hard boiled, scrambled), yogurt, fruit (sometimes dipped in yogurt), pancakes (leftover from dinner the night before), waffles, cereal (both the hot and cold kinds- we also mix cereals around here so it's not all loaded with sugar), homemade banana or zucchini bread, muffins, or smoothies made with fruit that has to get used up. I've tried the things and getting more creative but the truth is my kids just like a simple and fairly quick breakfast. I do try to get in as much fruit as possible in the mornings and they seem to appreciate that being on the side and usually eat more of the fruit than the actual breakfast food, which is fine by me. :)

    1. Toast is my go-to breakfast too. I love it. Bagels and english muffins are great for variety.

  2. I’ve read a few posts here and I can actually relate. I am in love with Marie Callender's cornbread. They are simple to make and super yummy, especially with honey butter. I've been a fan of MC's ever since I was a little girl, and have fond memories of eating it with my family back in San Jose, CA. Check out their website to order your cornbread mix. They also stock a variety of gourmet products I'm sure you will enjoy.

    1. I've tried that. It is still best served up at the restaurant. But the mix isn't bad. Funny how certain foods will conjure up great memories.


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