Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I put beans in the slow cooker to cook all day on Sunday.  Then I divided them up into containers to put in the freezer so they'll be ready to add to meals I have planned this month.  I put away two four cup containers of pinto beans and five one cup containers of black beans.

At Fred Meyer I was able to buy my youngest daughter a pair of name brand tennis shoes on sale for $29.99 to replace the ones she wore out.  I also found a coupon for an additional 15% off any shoe or apparel purchase in their Sunday sales ad.  That coupon saved me an additional $4.50.  Not to mention how stinking cool they look.

I listed several items to sell on eBay.  I sold one item.

I donated a lot of my Etsy inventory from expired listings to my oldest daughter to sell at her fundraiser to earn money for her trip to Europe.  I also gave her a brand new, still in the box, pair of Smith sunglasses to raffle off.

I also pulled from my Etsy inventory a set of flour sack tea towels and a hanging dish towel for me to use in my kitchen.  Additionally I pulled several items to be used as Christmas gifts this year for a couple of my friends.  They are truly going to love their gifts this year.

We stopped in at Harbor Freight and redeemed three more coupons for free stuff.  I also redeemed a sale coupon for an air compressor you plug into your car lighter for only $5.99.  It has an adapter for blowing up air mattresses too.

I used some of those beans later in the week for Taco Soup
I only grocery shopped for produce and a gallon of milk this week.

I filled my gas tank on the truck and saved 10¢ a gallon using my rewards card at the Fred Meyer gas station.

I had no time to cook or bake so I made a cookie platter using three packages of cookies I bought at the dollar store and took it to our monthly potluck at work.  Everyone loves cookies and there were only a few left at the end of the day.

I also bought a plastic platter at the dollar store so I can take things to work or friend's homes for potlucks and not have to worry if anything happens to it.  Several years ago I bought a package of plastic serving spoons for the same reason.  I still have them and they have been very handy.

I made a pint of 1000 Island dressing

We used up the last of our Easter eggs by slicing them into a couple of salads and then making a batch of egg salad.

We stuck closely to our meal plan again this week and used up the leftovers in our week day lunches.

Saturday I made two homemade pizzas and a big salad.  We took them over to our friend's house and had lunch with them.

I took my youngest on a date.  We went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Because of Cinco De Mayo they had a lot of specials going one.  My dinner was $9.75 and hers was $1.99.  We drank water.

We stopped at Walmart on our way home after our "date" and picked up all the supplies we needed to change the oil on our truck.  A gallon of windshield fluid, four quarts of oil and a filter for $21.62.  I plan to change my oil next weekend.

I ordered a new electric wall mounted heater for our RV from  I am really excited about it.

I bought a new pad and mattress cover for my bed. 

How did you do last week?


  1. That is a great price on the tennis shoes!
    I did good with listing & selling on ebay this week. The past month or so I have really been putting a lot of time & effort into it & it seems to be paying off.

    1. I'm afraid now that I'm back to working full time my ebay business is really taken a hit. I need to sit down and take some time to work on it and get it going like I had it. I'm kind of bummed about it. Only so many hours in a day I suppose. :)


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