Friday, May 2, 2014

My Uber Thrifty Month - April In Review

I was once again able to make all of my goals this month.  The bills got paid, I met both of my savings goals as well as my financial goals.  I even exceeded one of the financial goals by a whopping $50.  Hey, every little bit helps.

I had to write a check to the IRS this month.  Not very thrifty, but necessary.  Thrifty though in the sense that had I not paid my taxes on time I would have been assessed a penalty and interest so there will be none of that.

I have been putting $25 a week into my gas tank to get back and forth to work and run errands.  I put more miles on the car this month because my oldest had honor band all month in the next town over.  Despite that, I amazingly went an entire week without having to put gas in the car.

We did not eat out all month deciding we wanted to use that money to save up for a future road trip this summer.  It is past time to go visit relatives I haven't seen for awhile.

My oldest also sprang on me that she wants to join her class next year on a trip to Europe and she is really serious about it.  That could change things a little bit around here.  Especially with regard to my financial goals.  However, these kids are determined to raise money to help pay for expenses.  I'm hoping they raise a lot!

I was able to start on some Christmas gifts this month by redeeming a few free item coupons at the hardware store as well as by going through my craft and sewing supplies to make up a few things. 

Despite the added cost of filing and paying taxes I feel really good about how things turned out this month and I am excited to see what I can accomplish in the month of May.


  1. You really did great this month! Despite having to pay taxes (we always groan at this time of the year) you still came out on top- which is hard to do, but it leaves a good feeling when accomplished. :)
    What a nice opportunity for your oldest to be able to go to Europe! I think it's great that they are also determined to help raise money for the trip. You are teaching them well! :)

    1. We just have to keep pinching those pennies. I truly hope we can get her on that trip.

  2. Wow you really did well! I'm sure you will be able to get your daughter on the trip!


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