Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I sat with my coffee and perused the ads online.  I made a small list of things on my shopping list to buy that were on sale at our corner grocery store.  I also did another survey for Fred Meyer and earned 50 extra fuel points toward discounted gas.

We began our week with a breakfast of Zoom hot cereal served with home canned sliced peaches and homemade yogurt.  It was a delicious way to get started!

At the store I found several items on sale and markdown that were on this month's grocery list.  My best buys were three green peppers for 99¢, a loaf of artisan bread for 70¢, two cans of diced jalapenos and two cans of green chiles for 50¢ each as well as two 16oz. containers of sour cream for 97¢ each.  My best bargain, hands down was two quart jars of mayonnaise for 50¢ each!

I made a batch of homemade salsa making up eight half pint sized jars which are the perfect size for us.  I canned seven of the eight jars.  Number eight went into the fridge.

I bottled my latest batch of beer yielding twenty 16 oz. bottles.  I spent around $10 in supplies.

I used a toothpick and finished every last bit of another tube of chapstick.  Then I started working on the remnants of another one I found in my purse.

Wednesday the girls and I loaded up our shopping bags and headed to Winco to do a big monthly grocery shop.  We hadn’t done that since we first moved in here so we were due.  I was able to fill in the gaps on things that we were low on our out of.  Fortunately a lot of what I had on my list was on sale.  They had a huge variety of bread products on sale so I stocked up and filled the freezer with bread for sandwiches and toast, buns, bagels and English muffins.  I still plan to bake bread too so this will help keep us in bread for a long time to come.

Once again we stuck to our menu plan and used up our leftovers.  We gave our kitchen scraps to our neighbor's chickens while keeping food waste to a minimum.

I won $5 and a bottle of hand soap at Bunco Friday night!  Whoooo hooooo!

Our new heater arrived and it works wonderfully.  It is too big to mount on the wall where I wanted but it came with a set of feet with casters so we can easily move it anywhere we like.  Because it is so thin it hardly takes up any space and the back of the heater is always cool so we can put it right up against any surface while it is on and not worry about safety.  It looks a lot like a flat screen TV.

We watched a couple shows for free on Hulu and Amazon.

I needed some bread crumbs to make stuffed mushrooms so I set out two bread heels on a tray to dry.

We gleaned some pepper seeds from a pepper I sliced up to put in a salad.  We'll be planting those soon, I think. 

How was your thrifty week last week?


  1. You had a very thrifty week! Great deals on the groceries- especially the mayo!! I went to the grocery outlet this morning and got some good deals. We also got some more rain so the pool is really filling up. Looks like we wont have to pay for any pool water this summer- yay! I hung almost all my laundry out to dry so I saved a lot of electricity there. I washed out Ziploc baggies to reuse them. Stuck pretty well to my menu plan the last week. Cooked up veggies that needed to be used. No food waste- yay! :)

  2. I like the heater. What brand is it? Where did you find it? Is it one that can be ordered?


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